Christian Science Testimony

         When a boy in the teens I became very despondent over my prospects in life, and lost all interest in everything, becoming somewhat of a recluse. The despondency grew from year to year until it developed into suicidal melancholia, greatly alarming my parents, whose efforts to ameliorate the condition proved fruitless. Sometime later, while in a public library, I came upon The Christian Science Journal, the first piece of Christian Science literature I had ever seen, and through it got into touch with a practitioner and a Christian Science church in Brooklyn, New York. That was the beginning of a better and happier existence, which has continued ever since.

         Although I had ceased attending church services some years before, I became an attendant again, but this time at a Christian Science church. Shortly afterwards I was healed of the depressing condition and the desire to do away with myself. I became so interested in the study of Christian Science that attendance at services became regular. The loving ministrations of the practitioner and the helpful attitude of the members of our little band of faithful workers, who worshiped in a parlor, impressed me profoundly and gratefully. At that time Truth also healed me of a severe form of catarrh of nose and throat that years of doctoring had failed to cure. My parents became grateful for the improvement in my condition and showed their gratitude by occasionally attending the services.

         A growth on my head was healed through Christian Science a short time after I became interested in its healing method. Several times before, efforts had been made by doctors to remove it, but the growth always reappeared. One day a barber who was trimming my hair offered to remove the growth, but the thought came to me: Why not apply what you know of Christian Science to the problem? The barber's offer was accordingly declined and the truth was applied as Science teaches, with the result that additional proof of God's ability to heal was forthcoming; for the growth shriveled up in a few days and never reappeared.

         Just before dinner one evening I had a fall, wrenching my foot or ankle so sharply that I fainted. A Christian Science practitioner was at hand and gave treatment. Directly after dinner I was able to return downtown on business without pain or limping. Upon retiring that night I noticed there was no dislocation or swelling of the foot or ankle.

         Numerous other benefits could be cited. One of the great blessings of my life has been our church services. The spiritual uplift that has come from them has been meat and drink to me. The hours spent in quiet study of our literature in the Christian Science Reading Rooms while at home or traveling, a fortnight's vacation spent at the Christian Science sanatorium, attendance at the annual communion in Boston on a few occasions before the communion services in The Mother Church were discontinued, including two visits to our beloved Leader's home at Pleasant View, where I was in audiences she addressed, were also events big with blessings. Opportunity to participate in the activities of branch churches of which I have been a member has been gratefully welcomed, and there has been real joy and satisfaction in serving our Cause in duties ranging from checking coats to conducting a service.

         Reviewing my experience in Christian Science recalls those beautiful words of Hawthorne: "Christian faith is a grand cathedral with divinely pictured windows. Standing without, you see no glory, nor can possibly imagine any; standing within, every ray of light reveals a harmony of unspeakable splendors."

Lewis L. Young
Washington, D.C.


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, May 16, 1925

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