Christian Science Testimony

         It is with gratitude for Christian Science that I am sending this testimony. During the epidemic of influenza I had been working night and day. I was in the drug business at the time, working in the store and helping to care for the sick who were all around me. Finally I was stricken and was tended by the best physician that could be obtained in the town. I kept growing worse, and became unconscious. For two days I remained in that condition, not recognizing anyone and not taking any nourishment. The doctors and nurses said there was no hope, and that I would grow weaker until the end. My sister, who had been in Science for several years, came in and said, "Well, if you are through, I'll see what Christian Science can do for her." She telephoned a practitioner, and in a few minutes I roused up and asked for a drink. I then went to sleep, awakening several times during the night and asking for water. Early the next morning I wakened and said, "I'm hungry, and want something to eat." I was completely healed — not only of the physical trouble, but also of reliance upon materia medica. I immediately sold out my drug business, and have since relied on Christian Science for my every need.

Jessie B. Wheelock
Miami, Florida


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, January 22, 1927

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