Christian Science Testimony

         Not long ago I was struck by the attached engine head of a falling windmill tower. We had hoisted the tower about fifteen feet when, while we were moving the tripod, the structure overbalanced. Attempting to stick to my post and save the mill from destruction, I was unable to get away in time, and was struck down by the whole weight of the engine head. The man who was helping me took it for granted that, if not killed by the blow, I would at least be so badly bruised and injured that for weeks I would not be able to work. Thanks to the wonderful truth and its protection, as given to us by Mrs. Eddy, my own understanding enabled me to be back at work after a half hour of mental work. The accident occurred at nine o'clock in the morning. At half past nine we commenced the work all over again, and at noon the tower was standing. By not examining to what extent the body was injured or giving heed to the claims of soreness and stiffness, but by holding to the truth, I was free from pain in two days. This one case is enough cause for gratitude and thanksgiving.

Jack Vredenburg
Topanga, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, April 4, 1925

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