Christian Science Testimony

          While returning from my work one night, I fell from a bridge and sustained a serious injury to my leg. I was unable to move from the place where I had fallen, so I lay there helpless for twelve hours, in a temperature below the freezing-point. I was lightly clad, being without an overcoat. A friend found me in the morning and took me home in a carriage.

          A Christian Science practitioner was called upon to handle the case, but it was thought advisable to have a physician set the bone. The former family physician was called to do this, but he required the assistance of a surgeon. The leg was set and put in splints, fourteen pounds of iron being suspended from the ankle to keep the limb from shortening as the bone knit. Even with this precaution the surgeon thought the leg would be shorter than the other, and that I would be compelled to lie in bed for six weeks before it would be strong enough to bear any weight. The physician also said I would probably have acute lung trouble from exposure to cold.

          The surgeon and physician were dismissed, and the case was handled entirely in Christian Science. The fourteen pounds of iron were removed from my ankle, and in a few days the splints came off. The knitting of the bone was accomplished without the least pain, though the surgeon said it would be very painful. In two weeks I was out of bed, moving about the house and up and down stairs with the aid of a crutch. I even went out of doors, taking a short car ride in order to spend Thanksgiving day at a friend's house. Within seven weeks I went back to my work, which was of such a nature that I was on my feet most of the day. I never felt the slightest effect from the exposure of twelve hours in a freezing atmosphere, and the leg was just the same length as it had been before the break. I have given it the severest test, indulging in all manner of athletics, and have never felt the slightest weakness in it. This wonderful healing caused me to take a deeper interest in Christian Science, an interest which has steadily increased during the past six years.

Henry Trousdell
Cleveland, Ohio

          The case of healing given in the above testimony occurred in our home, and its daily progress was witnessed by me, as I helped to care for my cousin during his confinement to the house. The surgeon had notified me that the limb would be short, as it was "a very bad break," but the work was done as stated.

Mabel Nelson
Cincinnati, Ohio


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 31, 1914

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