Christian Science Testimony

         Thirty-two years ago I lost the use of my limbs through the mistake of a trained nurse at the birth of my son, and for five months was unable to move the lower part of my body without help. Our family physician and two specialists from Boston failed to relieve the condition or to give any hope of recovery without an operation; and they gave no positive assurance even with one.

         A dear neighbor who was a Christian Scientist came in often to see me, offering each time to help me; but it seemed to me futile for one who knew nothing about disease to attempt to heal what three eminent physicians had failed to relieve. Finally, however, when convinced that there was no help through materia medica, and wanting to be well so as to take my place in the home and to care for my two children, I told my neighbor to go ahead and do what she could. The next morning I awoke with a great sense of peace and strength, and with the feeling that underneath were "the everlasting arms" lifting me up and out of myself. I arose, dressed myself, and walked into an adjoining room. I shall never forget the look of joy on the neighbor's face as she came into the room that glorious June morning. It all seemed so strange to me that I asked her what she had done, and her answer was that she had simply known the truth. There was born in my consciousness that day a glimpse of the truth which Jesus referred to when he said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." There has never been the least suggestion since of the former condition, or any lack of strength or health to do all that it has been my duty to do.

         During all these years Christian Science has been our only physician. The children were spared many of the diseases of childhood, and quickly healed when others presented themselves. My mother was healed of a fracture of the hip when over eighty years of age, and walked again as naturally as before, although the medical verdict was that she would never walk again.

         These are but a few of the many proofs we have had of the healing power of Truth. Considering what might have been the story had not Christian Science come into my life, is it strange that I should be grateful to our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, who more than all others has brought again to the world that true understanding of freedom which Jesus taught?

Jessica C. Thomas
West Newton, Massachusetts


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 17, 1928

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