Christian Science Testimony

         Christian Science came to my attention while in Alaska, through the healing of my mother. When I finally secured a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, I read it under protest, and never would have done so at all had it not been that I had a well mother instead of a sick one; but I could see the result, and had to know the cause. I read but did not understand. I was conscious of none of its truths till I met error in the form of a powder burn in the fall of 1906, when I was a student at the University of Idaho. The explosion occurred one Saturday morning on the campus. My forehead, right cheek, and nose were badly burned, and the balance of my face was blistered, as was also my right arm. Much of my hair, as well as of my eyebrows and eyelashes, was burned off.

         My companions wished to aid me by calling a physician, but I thanked them and told them that I could see enough to go downtown. Two paths lay before me now, and I had to choose between them, one led to a doctor and the other to a Christian Science practitioner. In the first I had no confidence, of the second no knowledge. I finally went to the Christian Science practitioner, which took me some thirty minutes. In less than five minutes after meeting the practitioner, the pain entirely ceased and the swelling and inflammation disappeared. Ten days later every trace of the accident had vanished except that my hair, together with my eyebrows and eyelashes, was missing. Monday morning following the explosion I resumed my lessons, and never missed a class.

         Since that time I have had numerous physical needs supplied, but all are trivial compared to the mental benefit I have gained. The elimination of fear and worry, as well as the possession of the beautiful ideals revealed in Christian Science, is something for which I cannot express my appreciation. I am thankful that I live in an age when this power of divine Truth is again being proved as in Jesus' day.

A. R. Thomas
Boise, Idaho


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1914

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