Christian Science Testimony

         I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me. From early childhood I was afflicted with heart disease, and frequently had severe attacks of throat trouble. As I grew older, complications developed, such as stomach and catarrhal trouble and general debility. I suffered with these ills for many years, although I was attended by the best physicians in our city. I was advised by them to have a surgical operation for female trouble, and was then taken to St. Louis, where a specialist performed the operation. It was a failure; and my condition being much worse than before, I was unable to walk for several months.

         I purchased a copy of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, but after reading a few pages I decided that I could never understand it, and did not think it would better my condition if I did, so I placed it in the bookcase, where it remained seven years. During this time I continued under medical treatment, as I had for years before, but at the end of this period our family physician said it was useless to do so any longer, as my heart was so weak that even a slight exertion might cause my death, and medicine could not help me. I despaired of ever regaining my health, felt melancholy all the time, and cried a great deal.

         In the spring of 1894 my thought again turned to Christian Science, and I took Science and Health from the bookcase and started to read it just as I had done seven years before, but this time it interested me! The more I read, the more I wanted to read. I scarcely took time to eat or sleep. It seemed so beautiful to me that I wondered how I could ever have rejected it before. At the end of one week I was healed of all my diseases. In seven short days of earnest, honest study of Science and Health I was entirely relieved of burdens I had carried since childhood. O for words to express my gratitude to God, and to Mrs. Eddy for this blessed ever present truth that makes us free!

         Before studying Science and Health I very seldom read the Bible, and did not see how any one could be interested in it. Christian Science brought with it a love for the Bible, and a clearer and better understanding of what that holy Book contains. I have had many beautiful demonstrations of Truth's power, and though many trials have come to me, Truth has been the victor in every case. My love and gratitude to Mrs. Eddy is unbounded, and my daily prayer is for an increased understanding of divine Truth and that I may be ever obedient to the teachings of our revered Leader.

Julia C. Thienes
Burlington, Iowa


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1909

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