Christian Science Testimony

         In my childhood home evening prayers were conducted an hour after supper. If my father chanced to be away from home my mother took his place, and each member of the large family of children was always present. This sacred scene, among my earliest recollections, has ever been an ennobling influence in my life. The Bible readings and instructions of my parents, blending with their Christian characters, quickened the religious instinct always struggling in every human consciousness to express itself.

         When sufficiently advanced I was placed by my parents under the care of an uncle to study pharmaceutics and receive business training in his drugstore. While doing this I conceived the idea of someday embarking in the drug business on my own account, and a few years later I opened a drugstore and began to compound some favorite prescriptions and to advertise them locally. Today every drugstore in the United States and some in foreign countries carry certain brands of medicine under my name.

         In advertising I described diseases and their symptoms according to the prevailing methods of medical practice, using extensively the newspapers, streetcars, billboards, and other legitimate forms of publicity. As time went on I began to observe that in every town and city where this advertising was introduced, an epidemic of diseases followed. After several years my own health gave way, and notwithstanding my implicit faith in drugs they failed to cure me. My friends and patrons were druggists and doctors, and while they did for me all that could be done, I was not helped. On one occasion I lay helpless for six weeks at a well-known health resort. The ills from which I suffered were a deep sorrow, malarial poison, a kidney disease supposed to be incurable, stomach trouble, and heart failure. When drugs and allopathic treatment failed I tried other systems, but grew worse from year to year.

         I had faith in God, believed myself a Christian, was for many years an active worker in the church, Sunday school, and prayer meeting, filling nearly every position except that of pastor; but in the midst of success, life seemed a failure. My disappointment amounted to despair. During these experiences I lost faith in the church, sold my business, and removed to another city. After thinking the matter over and deciding that the church must be right I returned to the fold, lived for a time in a pastor's home, and sought diligently to reconcile myself to my former beliefs. Under the temporary stimulus of these changes I established a new drug business on a larger scale, but the thoughts of an unhappy and useless life pressed even more heavily upon me and the diseases would not let go. From the financial viewpoint I was reasonably successful, but nothing seemed adequate to satisfy my tired longings, and I soon left the church again.

         After three years more of suffering, with no definite aim in life, I retired from business, and a month later a friend took me to a Christian Science practitioner. I was healed, and within a few months realized that the diseases had vanished completely and permanently; that a constant dread and a foreboding fear were gone; that a moral and spiritual regeneration hitherto unknown had accompanied the healing; and that disappointment and despair had given way to joy and gladness. Since that eventful year, 1906, Christian Science alone has kept me in perfect health. When honestly applied it heals friend and foe, agnostic, infidel, and skeptic, as well as him who has faith; thus establishing its right to universal adoption.

         The church to which I had belonged defined God in part as unknowable and incomprehensible, and accepted its members on a confession of blind faith. This religion finally failed my parents, and for a number of years their home was a very unhealthy and very unhappy one. In 1910 they were both healed in Christian Science, and they have enjoyed better health and more harmony as a result of what it has done and is doing for them. The study of the Bible in the light of Christian Science changes thought from faith to understanding, revealing God as divine Principle, Mind, and man including the universe as His infinite ideal. Through Mrs. Eddy's life and works the Bible has been proved true and made the daily companion and guide of millions of people. She has made God known to us through His Word, and Christian Scientists everywhere invite all who will to share in the revelation and demonstration of the presence and power of divine Love.

Enos Eli Sutherland
Los Angeles, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 1, 1919

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