Christian Science Testimony

         I have been a student of Christian Science for nine years; and in that time we have witnessed many healings in our home, catarrh, tubercular throat, varicose veins, neuritis, infected eyes, abscess, acute indigestion, and many other so-called ailments having been healed.

         I wish to speak of a recent healing from the effects of an accident. My son was caught between two large oil trucks. His face and the upper right side of his body were caught and held between two radiators, one car pressing him against the other. When he was released the foreman saw his condition and had little or no hope for his recovery. He called a physician, who had the boy removed to the hospital, where it was found that his ribs were broken, his lungs punctured, and his eyes purple from concussion of the brain. His right arm and shoulder were very badly injured. As soon as we received word of the accident, I went to the hospital and asked my son if he wanted to have a practitioner work for him at once, and he said, "Yes." So I assured him that he should have such help, telling him to rest in the thought that God was just as near him in the hospital as He would be at home. The practitioner lovingly took up the work at once.

         The doctor allowed us to take the boy home the next morning. His recovery was so rapid and noticeable that everyone who saw him expressed great surprise. He was able after getting home to sit up or walk around as he wished during the day, and to lie down at night. In less than a week he was able to take long walks and rides, and in three weeks he visited the doctor to obtain a permit to go back to work. The doctor did not recognize him, and was astonished that he could use his arm. On examining the boy he said that he could see no reason why he should not go back to work. The lad is now as strong as ever.

         To me this was but an added proof that Christian Science heals when rightly applied. We are grateful to God, to Christ Jesus, to His chosen revelator in this age, Mary Baker Eddy, and to the practitioner who so lovingly did the work for us.

Florence Beach Smalley
Lake Worth, Florida


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, October, 1927

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