Christian Science Testimony

         I am grateful to say I have been healed of very bad corns under both feet, which were painful all the time, whether I walked or not. At last I wrote to a Christian Science practitioner in Scotland for absent treatment, and from the day treatment was started no more pain was felt. In a few weeks the corns came out unaided, all but the biggest, which came out about a week later. I am very grateful for this wonderful healing, which has also been a great spiritual uplift for me, as it has shown me clearly that nothing is impossible to God.

         Christian Science has also been a great help to me during my school life, and I realize I cannot get on without it.

Mary Gertrude Shaw
Bexhill-on-Sea, England

         The above testimony, written by my daughter, I can faithfully corroborate. This case of healing has been a wonderful help to us all, and we hope it may be of benefit to others. It was indeed a surgical operation performed by Truth. I also wish to testify that our boy was healed of warts which had been growing on his hands for three years and were a great disfigurement. His healing dated from the time he heard a testimony given by a lady whose boy had been healed of the same trouble through Christian Science. The warts started to fade away that evening, and in ten days had vanished, leaving smooth scars which gradually disappeared.

         I cannot neglect this opportunity to express my gratitude for Christian Science and what it is doing for us all as a family, and also for the periodicals, including The Christian Science Monitor. They always seem to meet our needs.

Florence M. A. Shaw


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 8, 1917

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