Christian Science Testimony

         With a deep sense of gratitude and joy I wish to tell of a blessing which I have received through Christian Science. One day spots appeared on the face of my nine month old baby, and the eyes began to discharge. The child was very restless and could not be quieted. My relatives entertained all sorts of fear, especially because a child in the neighborhood was to mortal sense suffering from a contagious disease and I had been in that home. However, I excluded fear from consciousness and thought only of Love and Truth. The following day the little one seemed worse, and as I was kept busy and therefore could not do the necessary mental work, I requested the assistance of a practitioner. That night the child slept very well, and by the following morning all symptoms of the disease had disappeared, much to the astonishment of my relatives.

         Words are inadequate to express our thankfulness to God for His endless love and goodness. We are also grateful to our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, who showed us the right way to Truth and gave us a correct knowledge of God.

Martha Severin
Hamburg, Germany


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, September 20, 1919

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