Christian Science Testimony

         As a student of Christian Science many blessings have come to me, many practical proofs of the healing power and ever present care and guidance of divine Love; hence the desire to share the joy with a larger number impels me to send this written testimony.

         I was led to Christian Science when, as an active member of an orthodox church, I was seeking with all my heart to know more of God, to be able to make practical to the needs of humanity the beautiful promises in the Bible. Experience in missionary work among the poor, the sick, and the sinning had been teaching me that poverty and disease were often the result of sin or the mistakes of mortals, not that God had sent affliction for some good purpose, as was too often believed and taught by Christian workers; but how to remove these discords had yet to be learned, for prayers had thus far produced no lasting benefit.

         On entering the vestry of the original Mother Church edifice, where I attended for the first time a Christian Science service, the familiar Bible verse over the platform, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble," came to me with an assurance never before realized, and it seemed to me that every part of the service and every testimony was corroborating this text. At the close of the meeting a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy was purchased, and I began earnestly to study it, with the result that not only the spiritual uplift so much desired but the healing of physical ills was very soon experienced.

         From early childhood I had been considered delicate and had received much medical attention as well as tender care from my parents and the older members of a large family. A few years of comparative health had been followed by suffering from a fall through a trapdoor down a flight of steps, when new forms of ill health appeared, as well as old discordant conditions which hindered normal activity. This was my condition during the year just previous to my hearing of Christian Science. The two very kind doctors who did all they could to help me at that time are gratefully remembered. Both of these good men recommended an operation but could guarantee no permanent relief, because of internal adhesions and an almost paralyzed condition of the bowels. Christian Science saved me from the necessity of an operation and freed me from the use of several painful and unpleasant remedies. One of these doctors showed genuine pleasure when after my healing he saw me run upstairs at a friend's house, and assured my friend that a great change must have taken place in my physical condition to make this activity possible.

         After a few weeks' study of the Christian Science textbook one of the old discordant conditions seemed very troublesome and the temptation to use one of the appliances prescribed for at least temporary relief was very aggressive, but the newly awakened realization of God's power and presence overcame the temptation and the appliance was destroyed. Then the senses clamored that this was a foolish step because of insufficient understanding of Truth to overcome this chronic physical condition, but resolutely holding to the determination to trust God in every time of trouble I earnestly studied the weekly Bible Lesson. Attention was attracted to the statement on page 207 of Science and Health: "There is but one primal cause. Therefore there can be no effect from any other cause, and there can be no reality in aught which does not proceed from this great and only cause." I saw that this one primal cause must be God or good, so its effect or manifestation must be goodness; if God is Love the effect must express the nature of Love, therefore this cruel, unloving effect which seemed so real to me could not be real or true, because it could not possibly proceed from God and was to be resisted with the same assurance of God's help as was the temptation to sin. Then came the recognition that the suffering was the effect of belief in evil as power or presence, and this was the explanation of the ineffectual prayers. Does not the Bible emphatically declare, "I am God, and there is none else"? When it was discovered that the whole afternoon had been spent in this joyful seeking and finding, it was also joyously realized that the physical discord had disappeared, and never since that day has there been any need to use material means for healing.

         For several years after the sudden passing on of my dear mother there had been waves of grief and the sense of loss that not even active work in the church nor Bible study could remove, although the words of Scripture were a great comfort; but after attending a morning service at The Mother Church and hearing the spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer, as found on page 16 of Science and Health, I gained the sweet sense of God as Father-Mother, and this brought the assurance that Love is ever present to guide and encourage, to express all that the true mother can be to anyone. Isaiah tells us that the earthly mother may "forget" her child, but that God will never cease to have compassion on His children.

         Naturally my love and gratitude went out to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for giving this wonderful message of practical Christianity to the world; and during the more than twenty years since that healing, the gratitude and love have deepened as I have understood better the purity, consecration, courage, and unfaltering trust in God which she must have attained in teaching and establishing the system of spiritual healing and worship taught and practiced by Christ Jesus but lost sight of through creeds and dogmas. It is the spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures that humanity needs, and this is gained through the study of Science and Health. The avenues through which this necessary knowledge reaches the whole world are the Christian Science periodicals sent out quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily, awakening human thought to the great fact that "the Lord God omnipotent reigneth" and that man coexists with and reflects God. Furthermore, every honest seeker can prove for himself the blessings which follow the acknowledgment of this great fact.

         For some years it was my glad privilege to be a member of Mrs. Eddy's household, and her lovable naturalness, her gentle, sweet appreciation of every little service rendered her, is indeed a happy memory. In the midst of her busy life she would send a cooling drink to the workers on her grounds. She loved simplicity, accuracy, economy, order, and cleanliness in all the practical details of everyday life, and her bright glance of approval ever greeted the punctual, neat, and cheerful worker. To have come so closely in touch with her compassionate love for everyone, her ready forgiveness, her daily practical application of Christ's Sermon on the Mount, I count among my richest blessings.

         Today I find Christian Science more precious than ever and could cite many instances of its healing efficacy in cases of so-called serious maladies and acute forms of disease, but best of all as a blessed preventive of these discords. For the many helps on the way, the lectures, the work of The Christian Science Publishing Society, and the many avenues for helping mankind established by our Leader I am extremely grateful.

Minnie A. Scott
Boston, Massachusetts


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 28, 1918


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