Christian Science Testimony

         I want to express my gratitude for a demonstration I had a few days ago in overcoming a severe burn.

         My daughter's little boy, thirteen months old, in passing along before the open grate, fell with one hand right into the fire. He screamed and his mother, who was sitting by the window in the back part of the room, sprang to him, and seeing his hand right on the red-hot coals, exclaimed, "Oh, he is terribly burned!" I was sitting in the room at the time, and audibly declared, "He is not burned. There is no sensation in matter, and matter cannot be burned or suffer. He is God's child, and God is right here and will take care of him." In about a minute the child stopped crying. The mother saw some soot on his hand and washed it off with soap and cold water, and she and her niece examined the hand and said the fingers were all blistered. He was showing no signs of suffering and got down and went to playing, using that hand as usual. Before noon the two women examined the hand again and said the blisters were all gone, but the skin was in wrinkles, and about three in the afternoon they again looked at the hand, and by the appearance, they could not tell which hand had been burned.

P. H. Wilcox
Los Angeles, California


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1902

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