Christian Science Testimony

         On August 30, 1923, while driving with an acquaintance, I accidentally discharged a shotgun, seriously injuring my wrist, removing the wrist knuckle and the outside bone, and fracturing an inner bone. Leaders of the little finger and part of the ring finger were also torn away.

         I wired a Christian Science practitioner for help about ten minutes after the accident. I was taken to a hospital, where the wound was dressed. This was done without my taking ether. The surgeon discovered I was a student of Christian Science, and told me I need not take ether if I did not wish to do so. While on the operating table, I expressed the desire for something to eat, but they thought me delirious and would not allow me to have anything. After leaving the operating table I ate a hearty meal. The next morning when the surgeons removed the bandage, they examined the wound carefully and said it was perfectly sterile. I was told later that they had expected to amputate the hand, and possibly the arm, the next morning. The second day the surgeon did not take my temperature. The third day he examined the parts of my arm exposed, several times, and said, "Why, the arm is not even getting black!" That day there appeared some discoloration, but I held persistently to the truths about God, and before night it had disappeared.

         One night I awoke in great pain, and almost helpless. This was apparently caused by canned salmon which I had eaten. Again I turned to God to the best of my understanding, and soon experienced relief.

         In a few days the surgeon said there was no longer indication of a compound fracture; in a few more days he said the flesh had grown over the bone; and at the end of sixteen days he said the skin had grown over the wound. He had expected to have to graft skin from another part of the arm over the wound. The surgeon then said I could leave the hospital; which I did. I was not confined to bed at any time, but rested a little during the day. The wound is now healed over. The finger is manifesting strength again, showing that the leaders and muscles must have grown and knitted together.

         During the winter of 1926 while riding horseback I fell on the frozen ground, breaking this arm. In less than a week the break was completely healed by declaring the truth the best I knew how. The whole hand is as strong as ever it was.

         I hereby bear testimony to the wonderful healing accomplished through the application of Christian Science. My trust in Christian Science has been much increased thereby. Words fail to express the gratitude I feel. I spend all the time I possibly can in the study of Science and Health, and am deeply thankful to Mary Baker Eddy as the revelator of Truth to this age.

Henry C. Ruenholl
Piedmont, South Dakota


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, November 17, 1928

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