Christian Science Testimony

         With deepest gratitude I offer my testimony of Christian Science healing, hoping that it may lend encouragement to another. Words are inadequate, however, for every phase of my human existence has been so changed that, whereas life previously seemed but a labyrinth of fears, doubts, and discouragements, it is now, because of the understanding I have of Christian Science, filled with buoyant hope, joy, and an earnest desire to reflect this beautiful truth in my daily life.

         The physical benefits derived from a knowledge of this truth have been many. Numerous minor ailments have been met, and I have recently been healed of a diseased condition commonly considered fatal, to which I am positively sure I should have succumbed had it not been for the faithful, loving help of a Christian Science practitioner. These, indeed, have been great blessings, but they are to me of much less importance than the freedom which I have received from mental bondage, actual mental slavery involving limitation of every sort.

         A severe case of melancholia and depression, from which I had suffered since childhood, has to me, because of its subtlety and viciousness, been much more terrible than the physical difficulties. Attacks of this sort would last for days, sometimes weeks, until I seemed to be almost constantly under the great mental burden. At times, when I would glimpse something of the truth, almost instantly this peculiar phase of error would again plunge me into the wretched state of consciousness, until I would seem surrounded on all sides as by an impenetrable stone wall with no avenue of escape. Through an earnest, faithful study of the Bible, with the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and our Leader's other writings, these periods of doubt, melancholy, and depression became less severe and less frequent, until now I rejoice to say that for a long period they have not presented themselves. And when arguments of lack, discontent, and discouragement do assert themselves, turning to God as Mrs. Eddy has taught us to do in Christian Science, persistently declaring the truth of being, soon clears away the mental darkness. Those who have experienced similar conditions of diseased thought know what it means to have this great stone rolled away and to come into this haven of mental rest.

         The following passage from "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 355) has often helped me to stand against these false arguments: "Mental darkness is senseless error, neither intelligence nor power, and its victim is responsible for its supposititious presence." An attack of this mental darkness was quickly cleared away by humbly seeking God and clinging to passages of Scripture.

         My desire is to be a witness to God in gratitude for this enlightenment which has come to me and to the whole world, this truth of man's being and of his rightful heritage. I am grateful to God; to our Way-shower, Christ Jesus, who came as a living manifestation of this truth; and to Mrs. Eddy, who by her pure, humble, consecrated thought was able to comprehend this idea of God and His reflection and reveal it to this age.

Edna Ruble
South Pasadena, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 14, 1925

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