Christian Science Testimony

         About twelve years ago I was discouraged and ready to give up, for I had suffered for twenty-four years with what many doctors, including specialists, pronounced an incurable disease, fistula. I was never free from pain unless asleep or under an opiate, and at times the pain was so excruciating that I contemplated suicide. At this time we were living in Arizona. I knew absolutely nothing about Christian Science, but had heard it ridiculed.

         We went to Los Angeles, where I expected to have an operation performed, although the doctors said temporary relief was all that could be expected, because a cure was impossible. Through the influence of a friend I went to see a Christian Science practitioner before going to the hospital for the operation. She inquired if I had been interested in or believed in Christian Science. I said, "Oh, no." "Then why," she asked, "are you here?" I answered, "To please a friend." "Then you do not think you can get help?" she inquired. I said, "I know I cannot, for I have had the best doctors in the country, including specialists, and all they can do is to give me temporary relief. Do you mean to say you can cure me?" She replied, "No, I cannot, but God can."

         That was a new concept to me of Christian Science, for I did not know that God had anything to do with it. It took some of the arrogance and pride out of me. I was suffering intensely, and after the treatment felt relieved. After arranging for another treatment next morning, I went to my hotel and told my husband I was better. He thought I was mistaken, and that the pain would return, which it did, but not so severely. At the second visit for treatment, I had been there half an hour when the pain suddenly left. I called out, "The pain is gone." She said, "Yes;" but I said, "It will come again." She said, "No," but I persisted that I had had that pain for twenty-four years. "But," said she, "you don't want it?" I said, "No, I don't want it, but this is too good to be true." "Nothing is too good to be true in God's kingdom — and that is what you are coming into now." That was twelve years ago, and there has never been any return of the pain.

         I wanted to be obedient and asked for instruction. She asked me to procure a copy of Science and Health. I said I would buy it, but that I was always buying books and never looked in them. She smiled and said, "I am sure you will read this book." Let me say now, that if I could not have purchased another, a thousand dollars would not have tempted me to part with it. I have bought several copies since; also all of Mrs. Eddy's other writings, and they are my choicest possessions. At that time I had worn rubber stockings for varicose veins for fifteen years. I had not mentioned this to the practitioner, for it was the awful pain I wished to be freed from. Two years after this healing it was uncovered to me that I was trusting the rubber stockings instead of God. When the fear was destroyed the healing came, as it always does.

         For these blessings that have come to me, and many others to my loved ones, also for the literature which gives us daily spiritual food, for this healing truth, and the unlocking of the Scriptures that enables us to study the Bible understandingly, words cannot express my gratitude to God and my thankfulness to Mrs. Eddy, through whose wonderful work a scientific knowledge of God has been brought to this age.

Edith A. Ross
Alameda, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, November 16, 1918

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