Christian Science Testimony

         Many years ago, three members of our family developed tuberculosis in varying forms. The illness of one followed rather closely upon the other, until sorrow, despair, and hopelessness were expressed on every side. Two of the members were under medical treatment from the inception of the disease to the time of their passing away. The other case, my own, was diagnosed by three physicians as tuberculosis of the hip, and strenuous treatment recommended.

         I rebelled strongly against this sentence to inactivity and helplessness; against the prospect of always limping, even if the action of the germs could be checked; and, most of all, against the thought of being a burden and care to others. There seemed nothing to do but submit, however; and I wore a plaster cast, which was soon changed for a steel splint reaching from shoulder to ankle. Medicine was also administered, and an iron was hung from one foot to keep the joint separated.

         The method of treatment had been followed less than one month when the physician was asked to allow me to be removed to a city about thirty miles away. After due deliberation this proposal was agreed to; and I was placed on a cot and put in the baggage car of the passenger train. Through some misunderstanding my friends missed the train, and I was taken to their home in an express wagon. Although the parents, who scarcely knew me, were alarmed and surprised at the proceeding, they welcomed and cared for me as if I were one of their own.

         A few days after arriving I was told that a seamstress was coming, and that she would probably talk a great deal to me, but to pay no attention to her because she was a Christian Scientist. Never having heard this combination of words before, I inquired what Christian Scientists might be, and was told they were people who claimed they could heal without the use of medicine. How wonderful! I thought; and waited for her to come, and watched her at her sewing, and hoped she would talk to me. I tried several times to speak to her, and finally overcame timidity sufficiently to ask that she please tell me something about Christian Science. I do not remember what she said. I never could recall a sentence to repeat it exactly; but from the first moment I felt that this was the Love my sister had cried out for; this revealed the real Being my brother had reached out for; this was the great good, lack of faith in whose possible attainment had left the whole world groaning and travailing "in pain together until now."

         A complete healing came after about six weeks' treatment; during which time I laid aside, without questioning, each material prop and tonic, and took every step that the practitioner suggested which tended toward normality and freedom. As the years have gone by, it grows clearer that Christian Science is the light that shineth in the darkness, even though the darkness comprehendeth it not. And the glorious and blessed truth is that it is "the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." Therefore, no man need despair, however black the darkness may seem, because "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all."

Frances Rogers
Montclair, New Jersey


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, July, 1922

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