Christian Science Testimony

         Words cannot express my gratitude for Christian Science, and for the many ministrations which I have received through it. My first experience, which I am about to relate, stands out as wonderful.

         In June, 1903, I was obliged to spend a Sunday in Concord, New Hampshire, at that time the home of our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. Early in the morning I decided to take a drive, but was informed that apparently there was no conveyance available in the city. I evidently expressed much disappointment, for the hotel clerk tried again, and I was finally furnished with a western horse together with a native horse and a buckboard [wagon]. When I left the hotel, the clerk informed me that if I drove down a certain road about half past twelve I would very likely meet the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. His remark meant nothing to me at the time, as I did not remember ever having heard of Christian Science or Mrs. Eddy before.

         It took two men to hold the horses until my companion and I could get into the buckboard. The western horse was much larger than the native one. We started off at a rapid rate. We had been driving for about an hour and had reached the outskirts of the town, the horses seeming all the time to be getting more excitable and anxious to have their own way, when we turned into a road which led down a steep hill, and I almost lost control of the horses. We were going at a very high rate of speed when I noticed a victoria [carriage] turn out and come to a standstill ahead. As we went by very quickly I saw a lovely lady seated in the victoria, and what the clerk had said to me passed through my mind. Immediately the horses calmed down. I put the whip in the socket, relaxed the lines, and we drove for over an hour in perfect ease and comfort, enjoying the beautiful June morning. When we returned to the hotel, the attendants met us and frankly said they did not expect us to return safely. . . .

Samuel E. Ramseyer
New York City, New York


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, June, 1925

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