Christian Science Testimony

         . . . Several years ago, while on a business trip to the Pacific coast, I was a passenger in an automobile that was struck by a rapidly moving, heavy interurban train of two cars. Although the force of the blow was very great, I retained consciousness and looked after the sending of the unconscious and badly hurt driver to the hospital, and also arranged with a garage man to look after the wrecked car. I did not know that I had been hurt, as I felt no pain; but upon my arrival at the hospital I was taken to the operating room just as the surgeons were finishing their work on the driver. There it was found that I had a broken rib and finger, and a cut on my face about four inches long, which the surgeon said would require a number of stitches. I knew that it might not be wrong to have the surgeon do what he considered necessary, but I decided to "cast the net on the right side" and refused to have anything done at the hospital. The surgeon informed me that I would be badly and permanently disfigured if I refused his ministrations; but I went to a telephone and called a practitioner, and then went to my hotel. Three days later I took the train for my eastward journey. The rib and finger healed without bandage or splint, and within three months there was no mark on my face to tell where the cut had been. The practitioner who was called treated me absently at my request, for one week.

         Many healings of minor ills have come to me through the study of the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings, with, at times, the help of loving practitioners. After thirty years of smoking, this habit was overcome. It is a cause for great rejoicing that I was enabled to take class instruction several years ago, and that today I can be of some service, with other loving workers, in the great Cause of Truth.

Bruce B. Powell
New York City, New York


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1925

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