Christian Science Testimony

         With joy and gratitude I tender my testimony as to the healing and regenerating power of Christian Science. In the year 1910, I was afflicted with epilepsy. I suffered for two years, trying all that materia medica could offer, without any permanent relief, the disease being pronounced incurable. There was no sense of ease, day or night. In April, 1912, I proceeded to England on leave; and on the journey I overheard one passenger telling another to go to a Christian Science practitioner in London for treatment for a disease from which he was suffering. On my arrival in England, I did not interest myself in Christian Science in any way.

         My condition did not, however, improve; and so I tried electrical treatment. This aggravated the difficulty intensely; so much so, that I was on the point of returning to India immediately. A morning or two later I passed a Christian Science Reading Room; and remembering the conversation I had overheard on board ship, I walked in. The attendant kindly lent me a copy of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy; and when I told her I required healing, she gave me the address of a practitioner in the city. I met the practitioner two days later, and received treatment. He gave me the Bible to read while he did his mental work. I opened it at the fifty-fourth chapter of Isaiah, and read on to the seventh and eighth verses, after which I could not read any more as I felt that some great burden had been lifted from me. I wept like a child. I felt that divine Love surrounded me. I walked home, and wept bitterly on arrival at my residence. The "chemicalization" was so intense that I did not sleep at all for four nights, but was without weariness in the mornings. My consciousness was full of texts I had learned from the Scriptures in my younger days, and they kept constantly recurring through those four nights.

         The spiritual regeneration that came with that first treatment was so uplifting that I studied the Bible and Science and Health for as much as eight hours a day; and with this consistent study the truth was unfolded daily. A slight relapse took place in 1915, but with the help of a practitioner the trouble was quickly destroyed. Otherwise, during these past twelve years I have enjoyed good health. In business I have been very regular; and the thought that God is the only Mind has been most helpful during working hours, giving me peace and harmony. ...

George Potenger
Calcutta, India


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, August, 1924

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