Christian Science Testimony

         Out of darkness, ignorance, confusion, Christian Science lifts us into the light. For many years I longed to know what we were and what life meant. A search of college philosophy courses brought no solution. Mental and moral blindness finally resulted in a nervous breakdown, accompanied by severe headaches and a fear of losing my reason. My work at the university had to be abandoned and relief was sought in rest and osteopathic treatment. The physical conditions seemed to improve, but as the mental distress continued, a visit to a nearby relative was planned. This cousin was a Christian Scientist and told me of her healing of eye trouble. Her poised and happy life struck me as a contrast to mine, and I decided to see a practitioner. At first the explanations given seemed to my egotistical sense like a strange tongue, but I was impressed with the fact that the practitioner really seemed to believe that God heard her prayer and would answer her. In despair I decided to put aside the cynical feeling and cling to the hope held out. I shall never forget my reading of "The New Birth," in "Miscellaneous Writings," next morning.

         From that time all has been different. I put off my glasses at once and have never had them on since. The rest that a knowledge of Truth brings after the strain and stress of the previous confusion is like the calm after a storm at sea. The simplicity of the truth that God is All-in-all, comes like a healing balm to the tempest-tossed, double-minded thought trying to solve the problems of the universe on the basis of mind and matter. It shows us clearly that all our seeming troubles are due to ignorance of Truth. The understanding of what is true dispels mental darkness as readily as the dawn dispels the night.

         Words can never pay our debt to those who suffered that the way might be made plain for us, but a tribute of gratitude may be a partial expression of the longing to pay that debt. When we were wandering and frightened, like lost children, divine Love sent our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, to tell us that we need not be afraid; and divine Love is still sending us loving messages of comfort . . .

Helen Paul
Moorestown, New Jersey


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 25, 1919

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