Christian Science Testimony

         After spending a holiday with some friends, when getting out of the train on my return I was suddenly seized with violent pains so acute that I almost lost consciousness. A porter came to my assistance and put me into a taxi, and I went to the house of a Christian Science practitioner, being in great agony all the way there. On my arrival I asked for immediate help, which was lovingly given, and the pain seemed to abate; but in a very short time it returned. Treatment was again given, and I recovered so far as to be able to walk from the house to the city, where a Christian Science lecture was being delivered that evening. I had, however, been in the hall only a few minutes when the pain returned and I was forced to leave. I then went back to the practitioner's house and was unable to leave again for some days. I was put to bed, and for several days the pain seemed to be very insistent. I was delirious, and unable to think or work for myself. Faithful work was done day and night, and a kind Christian Science friend slept in my room and was always ready whenever I needed her.

         After five days of intense suffering and delirium, one night I awakened screaming with fear. After being calmed and soothed by my friend, I lay awake and realized that I was facing "the last enemy." I felt I was passing on, and seemed to be willing to go, when it seemed as though I heard a voice saying: "Are you going to let error win this battle? Are you going to let Truth down?" And I called out, "Never!" Then I found myself sitting upright in bed, although before I had had to be helped up. The kind friend was quickly at my side, thinking I was again delirious, and tried to persuade me to lie down and be quiet; but I asked her to leave me alone and let me get out of bed. The moment I put my feet to the ground I felt the strength return to my ankles, and I stood erect, and then walked about the room declaring the allness of God and the nothingness of error. My friend tried to persuade me to get into bed, but I asked her not to try to hinder me.

         After I had walked about a while longer, I got into bed myself, and as I lay, each time I drew my breath a wheezing noise came in my chest, and a voice seemed to say, "Don't believe it;" then the wheezing stopped, and I fell asleep. My friend told the practitioner what a terrible night I had spent; she was quite convinced that I had been delirious. When, however, the practitioner came into my room the next morning, I called out to her, "I have had a glorious night; I have faced 'the last enemy,' and have seen the nothingness of the whole thing," and described to her what had happened. She knew that it had not been delirium when I related to her exactly what had occurred. After that I made rapid recovery, going out for a walk the following Saturday, and attending church at both the morning and the evening service on Sunday. I ascertained that from a medical standpoint I had been suffering from pleurisy, kidney trouble, and pneumonia.

         This is one of many healings I have had during the twelve years and more I have been studying Christian Science. My first healing was of rheumatoid arthritis, from which I had suffered for fifteen years and which had been declared incurable.

         Is it any wonder I am grateful to our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for giving to us the healing truth in her textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"?

Emma Parry
Liverpool, Lancashire, England


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, August 28, 1926

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