Christian Science Testimony

         With deep gratitude I should like to testify to a healing which I have received through Christian Science. Some months ago I hurt the forefinger on the hand that I use constantly in my work. The bone in the first joint was at least half an inch out of place. When this happened, I immediately declared the truth about the spiritual man and his relation to God. I am grateful to say I was able to go on with my work. For two or three days there was a slight numbness, but no pain. Whenever I looked at my finger I would at once declare for the perfect man, the reflection of infinite Mind, the image and likeness of God.

         About six months later, as I was having the nails manicured, I noticed that the girl was looking at my finger closely. I asked her what she would say was the matter with that finger. She said: "You have the bone out of joint. What a pity you have let it go so long! I would have a doctor set the bone even now. It will be painful, . . . but I would have it done." While she was saying this I was silently declaring the truth about God's man, the perfect and harmonious man. A week or ten days later I had the opportunity to hear a Christian Science lecture on "Man and His Relation to God." My thought was so uplifted this day that it seemed as if I were living above all materiality. When I arrived home, I looked up many references on man in Mrs. Eddy's books. While I was studying and thinking along this line, I suddenly heard and felt a snap in my finger; and when I looked, I found that the bone had gone back into place. It was a perfect healing.

         I am so grateful for this experience. It is another wonderful proof of what right thinking will do. I am learning to be more grateful every day to Mrs. Eddy for her consecrated work for humanity.

Florence L. Padelford
Glendale, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1924

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