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         There had never been a moment in my experience in which such wonderful and happy changes had taken place as when I received my first treatment in Christian Science. I had enjoyed comparatively good health until about twenty-five years ago when I began to suffer most severely with what the physicians pronounced to be gallstones. In connection with this there shortly developed a pronounced nervous trouble, on account of which I was not able to leave the house or to be left alone.

         About nine and a half years ago our family physician advised an operation without delay, saying that otherwise I could live but a very short time. I spent a little over five weeks in one of the best hospitals, under the care of one of the most skilled surgeons in the country, believing that all of my troubles would thereby be eliminated. How sorrowfully disappointed I was, for after leaving the hospital I was not able to retain food for more than fifteen minutes or so, every meal causing great distress. About a year later the whole trouble reappeared with greater frequency and severity. I tried every medical treatment known to us, summoning noted specialists but without avail, and our physician finally and reluctantly told me he could do no more.

         Thus I arrived at the place where "man's extremity is God's opportunity." One beautiful morning in April, 1918, a neighbor called upon me and my daughter to ask me to try Christian Science, and like a drowning man grasping at a straw my daughter called my husband over the long-distance telephone and asked him if he would try and get a practitioner to come and see me. Toward evening of the same day he came home, accompanied by a practitioner, and upon their arrival they found me unconscious. The practitioner had not been alone with me for more than half an hour when I regained consciousness, sat up in bed, and talked with my husband and children, but it took us some time to realize the glorious situation. As my husband has since expressed himself, he could hardly make himself believe it to be true, and thought perhaps it was only a dream. However, I soon convinced them that it was true. I got out of bed, felt so well and exceedingly happy, and afterwards had a very nice and joyous visit with my family and the dear woman whose work had enabled me then and there to accept the truth. My husband felt so relieved that he left again that evening, his business being out of the city. Some time after he left, my son and daughter and I prepared and ate a hearty meal, the first I had relished for several years. I certainly cannot thank God enough for His timely help. My healing was instantaneous and complete. I have not had a return of any of the former troubles.

         The great spiritual help which my husband, my two children, and I are constantly receiving through this great truth gives us such continuous happiness and harmony that our gratitude cannot be expressed in words. It has changed our lives entirely and we are continually seeking for more wisdom and knowledge from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. I now go and come without fear, knowing that God is with me always. I cannot thank God enough, to whom all things are possible.

Mrs. N. A. Myers
Cleveland, Ohio


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1921

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