Christian Science Testimony

         . . . Christian Science has meant more than words can express in rearing my children. They attend Sunday school and are learning all the time to demonstrate the truth for themselves. Several years ago I passed through an experience which proved beyond all possible doubt the absolute protection of divine Love. Our little daughter, then three years and a half of age, one Sunday wandered from our ranch in western Texas, which was then our home. Search was begun about twenty minutes after she disappeared, but nothing could be found to give us an idea of which way she had gone. Help was summoned as rapidly as possible in that sparsely settled country, and everything was done that could be done to find the child, but three days and three nights passed and in the meantime a terrible rainstorm came. There was a little place in the sky where the clouds seemed to part and it was perfectly clear. Everyone who saw it said that right under that was where the child would be found; and it proved true, for in a little space about one fourth of a mile wide and just about that long, it did not rain at all and the child was found safe and sound. Although she had been without food for three days and nights, she was able to walk and was normal in every way. No human aid protected her from the wild cattle and other wild animals, nor sustained her with food; no human hand stayed the rain which was so heavy and cold that men who were out in it became very chilled. God, divine Love, was her only protection. At the time I seemed to be a stranger in a strange land, for I knew no other Christian Scientist within hundreds of miles.

         Mrs. Eddy, in giving Christian Science to the world, revealed this protecting power of Truth and Love and it is as potent today as it was in the days of old to protect those who seek the Father "in spirit and in truth." . . .

Maud H. Murchison
Fort Worth, Texas


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, October, 1919

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