Christian Science Testimony

         A few months ago I had to have considerable dental work done. For five years or more intense fear had kept me from having work of any extent done, and the need had become very great.

         This time the sense of fear was so great that twice when I went to make an appointment I was unable to do so. Unreasoning fear completely overwhelmed me, and I returned home without making my appointment.

         Finally I went to a practitioner for help, and was treated. I made my appointment with the dentist, and when the day came, I went almost entirely free from nervousness.

         When he had finished I asked him if the cavity was not a large one, and he laughingly replied, "If it had been any larger there would have been no tooth." This work was done absolutely without pain.

         I had in all four treatments from the practitioner, and six appointments with the dentist. I had less and less fear each time, and no pain. The little electric drill, that used to fill me with such horror and pain, didn't trouble me at all. I did not fear that it would hurt me, and it didn't.

         At my fifth appointment the dentist filled a large cavity in an eye tooth, close to the gum. The gum, so he told me, had to he pushed back a sixteenth of an inch.

         He stopped in the middle of his work and asked sympathetically, "Am I hurting you very much?" "Not at all," I replied; "go right ahead." "Well," he answered, "I noticed that you were perfectly quiet, no muscles twitching, but some people can cover pain very successfully."

         I smiled to myself as I remembered how on former occasions I had almost cried from nervous fear, even when there was but little actual pain.

         It took two hours to complete the work on that tooth, and to prove to my own satisfaction the help I had received from Christian Science I asked him if that work was usually painful. "Yes," he replied, "nearly always, it is terribly painful. I have seen people almost crazy from the pain." Then for the first time I told him that I had had Christian Science treatment.

         At my next and last appointment, he asked, "Is this Christian Science treatment expensive or difficult? I know nothing of it except the name, and I am asking for information, for I assure you, I have patients whom I would be very glad to have take that treatment. Their teeth are so sensitive and they are so nervous that it is almost impossible to work for them. You have no idea how such patients wear on a dentist. It makes it very hard for us. Now for all the pain I seem to give you, you might be marble, and I can work right along without thinking of you at all."

         I told him the price of the treatment, and also that I had been but once to the practitioner, as the other treatments were absent. Then he asked for her address, saying, "I shall certainly try to persuade Miss to go to her for treatment."

         Do you wonder that I am grateful for this proof of the power of Christian Science?

         Other dentists had told me that my teeth were very sensitive; then where was the pain after the fear and nervousness had been destroyed? It went with the fear that had caused it, proving conclusively that pain is mental.

         Fear is bondage. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

M. S. C.
Baltimore, Maryland


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1910

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