Letters to Our Leader

Chicago, Illinois, Nov. 29, 1906

         Dear Mrs. Eddy: The grateful and reverential thought of the hour, on this beautiful day of national thanksgiving, impels the recall from memory's pages of the experiences of years gone by. In contrast and in bold relief I see the manifold blessings of this year, all seemingly welded into a continuous chain of hallowed events, the logical sequence of the golden light of Christian Science which has illuminated the dark chambers of my consciousness, and all because of the courage, fidelity, devotion, love, patience, and spiritual ideas which you have reflected for so many years.

         Last March the shadow of pneumonia was quickly dispersed when submitted to the rays of divine Truth, and many other seeming difficulties have since been dissipated by the same scientific law of Christian Science. One of these specific delusions, prejudice of a bitter and intolerant type, clung to me more or less tenaciously after I began the study of Science and Health, and was not overcome until the appearance in the daily press on Oct. 28 of that vicious and malicious attack upon you and your work. That glaring, transparent Beelzebub aroused active thought from its dormant slumber, and at one stroke the intruding nightmare of prejudice was swept away, and the pure air of divine Love became the sublime essence of life.

         That afternoon, upon invitation of a Trustee of First Church of Christ, Scientist, this city, I visited the home of a man who but a few days before had been condemned to die of pneumonia by his physician and nurse, after the usual unsuccessful last resort to the oxygen tank. The wondrous and joyful story of Christian Science healing, as related by that man (a foreigner) in almost unintelligible English, and the gratitude of both himself and his family for his resurrection from the shadow of death to the sunshine of hope and the prospect of health, was a most beautiful and impressive lesson. Here was another living witness to the omnipotence of God, to the declaration that Truth "healeth all thy diseases," and to me a very necessary one. That day I stood in the presence of Truth's wonderful work, which far transcended any and all man-made theories and reduced to veritable insignificance the years of faithful study and practice of medical science (so-called) to which I had been devoted. It was the story retold of Goliath, whose gigantic frame, smitten by David, fell tottering to the earth.

         Words are wholly inadequate to express the gratitude I feel to God; and to you, dear Leader, for that sparkling gem of divine wisdom, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;" also for all the excellent literature and lectures which you have so generously and wisely provided, and to your devoted students, who by practice and precept have so patiently encouraged me in the onward march from matter to Mind darkness to light. To one and all I return the thanks of a heart filled with love and gratitude. That I may reflect the sunshine of Love and Truth and exemplify their spiritual potency as you have so beautifully done, is the earnest and humble prayer of

Yours sincerely,
Franklyn J. Morgan, M. D.


"Letters to Our Leader,"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1907

         I am reminded that almost twenty-three years have elapsed since my first brief testimony was published in the Christian Science Sentinel. I am grateful to add to that testimony that I was also healed in Christian Science of what was supposed to be organic diseases of the heart, stomach, kidneys, and nervous system, and also of pyorrhea, and that for more than twenty-one years I have been entirely free from all these troubles. Furthermore, during this interval Christian Science has promptly and successfully met every mental and physical trouble that has arisen, without the loss of one hour from my daily work or duty.

         I am not unmindful of the splendid efforts and loving-kindness of a number of my former medical colleagues and associates, who never failed to do their utmost in my behalf, but without success. So insidious was the progress of the troubles referred to above that total collapse seemed inevitable. It was the reading and study of that great sermon, "The People's Idea of God" by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, that healed me of these various maladies, and awakened my interest to study her other writings and also the Bible, which up to that time I had regarded as of no practical value to humanity. I most humbly and sincerely thank God for Christian Science.

Franklyn J. Morgan, M. D.
Los Angeles, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 7, 1929

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