Christian Science Testimony

         Words cannot express my gratitude for Christian Science and what it has done for me and mine in the last year. I fell on the basement stone step and injured the small bone at the end of the spine (the coccyx), causing a bowel abscess. One of the best known surgeons of the city was called in on my case. He ordered hot applications for a few days, and then said an operation was necessary and at once, for my suffering was intense. So the operation was performed, but the wound would not heal. Another operation was necessary, but at that time another abscess was forming and another surgeon was called in for counsel; and in a few days there was a double operation. A few weeks later another surgeon came in on the case. It was decided to have me removed to the Chicago General Hospital and also to have an X-ray photograph taken. Another double operation was performed. In a few weeks I was brought home in an ambulance. I was home but a few days when another operation was necessary; and to mortal sense it had to be and that at once, for I was in a worse condition than I had been before. All this experience covered a period of nine months.

         To say that the household was filled with despair is putting it very mildly. We saw the doctors had failed completely. Everything known to medical science had been done, with no success. So it was decided to take up Christian Science. My husband wired to a practitioner, who arrived Monday evening, at eight o'clock, and gave me some helpful thoughts. I walked across the room at noon the next day, and walked to the dining room for dinner. The following Wednesday I went to the Christian Science testimony meeting healed, the first I had walked for nine months.

         The neighbors call me the mystery woman, for they have told me they never expected that I would live. But now it is no mystery to me, for I know that there is nothing too difficult for God to accomplish. How grateful I am to God, to Christ Jesus the Way shower, and to our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy; also to the Christian Science practitioner who so lovingly helped me to see the light, and to know that God is the only healer. To say we are grateful for Christian Science but poorly expresses our feeling. Also, we are so grateful for the spiritual uplift in our home!

Phoebe Mead
Chicago, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, August 2, 1924

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