Christian Science Testimony

          Christian Science has made a wonderful change in our home. Where before was discord and unhappiness, now is peace and harmony. We have had many proofs of the healing power of divine Truth, and I would like to tell of one which seemed very wonderful to me, in the hope that it may help someone else. I had been doing some washing and had put a large bucket of boiling clothes on the floor, and while I was preparing to empty it into the tub, my little girl, a year and a half old, who was playing nearby, in some way sat down in the boiling water. I took off her clothes and found that she was scalded from above the waist to her knees. I took her up-stairs, and called up a Christian Science practitioner to treat her, and in a short time she fell asleep. We wrapped her in cotton and took good care of her, but in a couple of days after this she was taken with an eruptive fever and seemed very ill. I was so filled with fear that it seemed best to have a nurse to care for her, so we got a Christian Science nurse. She began to get better, and the burn to heal, leaving a new, clean skin underneath. One small place showed proud flesh, but that was quickly overcome.

          This is a very wonderful case of healing and taught me a much-needed lesson, to be more constant in my study and to stick closer to Truth. We are grateful indeed to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, who through her purity of thought was able to interpret God's word aright to this age.

Mrs. Walter Mauritson
Berkeley, California

          When our baby was healed of severe burns in a comparatively short time, it was proven to me that Christian Science heals all discord. I have been helped a great deal in my business affairs, and am more contented in my surroundings, where before I was often discouraged, while the desire for smoking and drinking left me two years ago. A short time ago, while running to catch a train, I turned my ankle. The pain was severe during the day, and by night was so bad that I asked my wife to help me. The ankle was badly swollen and discolored, but in the morning I was able to walk with a cane, and by that night was free from all pain. I am very grateful for the help I have received through Christian Science.

Walter Mauritson


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, May 10, 1913

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