Christian Science Testimony
[original testimony in German]

         I have received so many blessings through Christian Science that I wish to express my gratitude. It was not the desire for physical healing that brought me to Christian Science, but the striving for the truth. The loss of my mother shook my faith in God. My prayers were unsuccessful, so I came to the conclusion that some of my schoolmates might, perhaps, be right after all when they asserted that there was no God. I felt I could no longer accept in good faith what the church taught, but that I could and would believe only that which I understood. I read the works of the best known atheists, but could nowhere find a conclusive proof of the assertion that there is no God; for at decisive, important points all these writings drew illogical conclusions.

         In this manner I spent about a year in a vain, unsatisfying search. A relative then called my attention to Christian Science. That was in 1904; and since that time I have devoted the greater part of my free time to the study of this beautiful Science. I have had countless proofs that God is real; that He is ever present; that we, as His children, can never be separated from Him, and that our real activity is a reflection of the divine Mind.

         Through help in Christian Science, and through my growing understanding, many conditions of illness have been healed, both for my family and for me; but most precious to me is the change in my consciousness and my thinking. Although many a hard problem remains to be solved, I am happy and content; for I see these problems only as opportunities to prove God's omnipotence. My relation to my fellow men has improved right along, for with the help of Christian Science I have been able to overcome in large measure willfulness, sensitiveness, jealousy, and lack of love for my brother. Furthermore, Christian Science has given me in my profession (I am an engineer) a clear, far-sighted judgment, so that I have been able to fill my posts with success.

         This is merely an indication of the countless blessings which I have received through Christian Science. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to God for His loving guidance and help during all this time. My sincere desire is so to express my gratitude that I shall learn more and more of this Science, so that I can help my fellow men in their search and endeavor to find and to know the truth. I have a feeling of great reverence for our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy; for I recognize more and more with what unselfish love she has again made accessible to us the way to the Christ, Truth.

Paul Marczinski
Magdeburg, Germany


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Sentinel, March 8, 1924

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