Christian Science Testimony

         Over fifteen years ago Christian Science came into my home, and through its ministrations we have had many wonderful healings. The one I always look upon with the deepest gratitude was the straightening of my daughter's eyes at the age of nine. She had worn glasses continually from the time she was twenty months old. I had taken her to many of the leading oculists and received the verdict from each of them that she must always wear glasses, but that when grown an operation might straighten her eyes. Not only were they crossed, but she was unable to read even the headlines in the newspapers without the aid of glasses.

         At this time I was under Christian Science treatment, and asked a loving practitioner if she thought my child's eyes could be straightened by Christian Science. Her answer was that God could straighten them. I exclaimed, "Do you mean to tell me that your faith is sufficient to think this demonstration can be made?" Her answer was, "I do not think so; I know." The healing followed instantly: my daughter's eyes began to be straight from the very first treatment, and the following day she was unable to see through her glasses. After I had been healed, this wonderful demonstration for my child followed.

         About this time I was planning a trip abroad, and it became necessary to leave my little girl with my mother. The latter's antagonism to Christian Science caused my faith to waver, and when taking the child for her last treatment, I said to the practitioner, "As long as my mother is so opposed to Christian Science, would it not be better for Elizabeth to carry her glasses and use them if necessary?" Her answer was clear and firm: "'O ye of little faith,' leave the glasses with me. After all that God has done for you and yours, can you doubt?" Fifteen years have passed since this wonderful healing, and not only are my daughter's eyes straight, but her vision is perfect, the best proof of this being that she has used her eyes daily in gaining her education.

         Christian Science has met our need in every difficulty, and I wish to express the deepest gratitude to God for this wonderful truth and the life-example of Mrs. Eddy.

Evelyn Scott Lynch
Minneapolis, Minnesota


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, June 4, 1927

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