Christian Science Testimony

         I should like to tell at least a part of what Christian Science has done for me; for it found me a human wreck, and has made me a useful citizen. I turned to it for help thirteen years ago, after being a semi-invalid for ten years, in bed most of that time. During those ten years I had seven surgical operations, one of them considered exceedingly dangerous. All human aid had failed.

         When the last specialist who treated me said I would never be well again, I felt there was no hope even. Another serious attack of stomach trouble followed immediately. A friend, seeing my need, had spoken to me of Christian Science, but I only laughed at the idea of its helping me. Now, however, when death seemed very near, and I was living in the blackness of despair, I remembered her offer, and sent her word that she might send me a practitioner. She at once spoke to one; but instead of coming, the practitioner sent for my husband to come to him. My husband returned saying the practitioner would pray for me that night, and that in the morning I should go to his office. I thought them both crazy to think of such a thing when I was on my deathbed; but I turned over and went to sleep the first night's sleep for a year.

         Next morning I was able to get up, and with assistance take a streetcar downtown to the practitioner's office. A great burden had rolled away, and I seemed in heaven. My husband bought me a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and I read it day and night till I had read it through; for I was thirsty for Truth. After reading it a few days, we threw away all medicines and lotions, and I have never used any since. Several weeks after this I climbed Lookout Mountain one afternoon, and attended a reception the same evening. Before this I had not been able to walk more than a block or so without great pain and weakness.

         I should like to tell of the healing of neuritis and rheumatism in my right arm. My elbow was bent and rigid, and my fingers closed tight into the palm. It had been that way three days and nights. The pain was so intense that I could not lie down, but sat stupefied with it. I had telephoned for help in Science, so knew it would come. While I was sitting in this condition, my arm was suddenly entirely healed; and it has remained so ever since.

         When in the Middle West I became so alarmingly ill that my husband sent for a physician, who came and looked very serious, but did not offer any medicine. A few hours later he returned, and said: "We are going to take you to the hospital on Wednesday, and operate on Thursday." "Well," I replied, "I seem to be in the hands of you two big, strong men, and not able to lift my own hand to my head, but you can't do it; I'm in God's hands." He gave me a look of kindly pity and left the room. I then cried out, "O God, help me;" and at the same time I forgave one whom I had been feeling it was impossible to forgive. As I did so Truth's voice came clear and strong to my waiting thought, "'The word of God is quick, and powerful,' and sharper than any sword or surgical instrument." "Why, yes, that is so," I said; and I knew it was the voice of Truth I had heard. I was instantly healed, my strength coming back by leaps and bounds. I dressed, and was downstairs in a short time.

         This was on Monday. On Wednesday the maid came to tell me the doctor was there and wanted to see me. I had been so completely healed and was so filled with joy that never once had I even thought of the doctor. I ran down the steps to meet him, happy and well. "Why," he said, "what has done this?" "Christian Science," I told him. "Well, it is wonderful," he exclaimed; "and here I've come to take you to the hospital!" After talking a while he left, saying, "But it will surely come back." A few days later it did try to, but I held firmly to the statement, "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation" (Science and Health, p. 468), and that was the end of the trouble. This happened about eleven years ago.

         I am very grateful for having had the loving help of faithful Christian Scientists; for the literature; for all of Mrs. Eddy's writings; and to her for showing us the Christ, the Saviour of the world.

Minnie K. Lightbourn
Georgetown, South Carolina


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, May, 1924

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