Christian Science Testimony

         In 1911, after I had been ill for months, unable to eat, or to retain even a drink of water, or to help myself in any way, two physicians declared my case hopeless unless I consented to an operation. At this time there was in our home a friend who had been healed in Christian Science and had at times presented this truth to me. I had rejected it each time saying I did not believe it could be of any use to me, but when physicians said an operation was the only thing they could suggest, as a last resource I consented to call in a practitioner.

         My mind was made up to discourage this practitioner at the start, so when he entered the room I told him I did not want him to come here thinking he could make me believe I was not suffering, when I knew I was. I will never forget with what patience and loving-kindness he answered that he had not come to make me believe anything, but if I wished him to he would take a few moments of my time to explain what Christian Science really is, and how I too could be healed. The result was a complete healing in three treatments, but I am sorry to say it took three years for me to awake to a realization of this wonderful healing, and how ungrateful I had been. A copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" had been given to me but I had not even tried to read it. Now, however, I am unspeakably grateful for the many healings and blessings we have received, for our better understanding, gained through the study of Christian Science, of what our Father-Mother God is to us.

         I am also grateful to Mrs. Eddy for her untiring efforts in giving us the literature, which makes the truth so clear, and for the many friends who have helped us on our way.

Mae E. Lewis
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1920

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