Christian Science Testimony

         Inasmuch as I have been greatly helped by reading other testimonies, and in gratitude for the manifold blessings which Christian Science has bestowed on me, I give the following testimony.

         I became interested in Christian Science about fourteen years ago through the healing of my eyes and of a nervous breakdown. I tried almost every material method of cure before giving Christian Science a trial. To mortal sense my eyes were in a bad condition. It was impossible for me to read, and I spent many hours in the dark, as ordinary lights were very painful. The practitioner I went to see gave me a book and told me to take it home and read it. I thought this request peculiar at the time, inasmuch as I had not been able to read anything for over two years; however, I did as I was told to do. After I had read a few minutes my eyes filled with water and the reading became very difficult; but I remembered the injunction and continued to read until my eyes closed. At this time I received an influx of spiritual power, and immediately my eyes opened, and all pain, super sensitiveness, and weakness vanished.

         This revelation of Truth was indeed wonderful to me, and it broke the dream of the physical senses. With this afflatus came the realization that the real man has never been born, and it is impossible for him to die. As Mrs. Eddy says in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 573), "We can become conscious, here and now, of a cessation of death, sorrow, and pain." After this wonderful experience, and for about two months, my thought was so uplifted and inspired I became a law unto myself, and it seemed as if I did not need over three or four hours' sleep, although I worked most of the day as a bookkeeper and would read and study until two or three o'clock in the morning. This exaltation of thought was accompanied with the peace that "passeth all understanding," and a desire to sing most of the time. Since this revelation, I have come down from the mountaintop into the valley, and have had the usual problems to solve.

         One other healing, which I desire to relate, occurred while I was waiting for the command to embark for France in February, 1917. I had been in camp about ten days when I contracted a severe fever. For three days I lay in bed trying to work this problem out myself; however, I was growing worse instead of better, and at this time we received orders to make preparation to leave the following morning at three o'clock. I realized that if I were going to leave with my company I would have to secure help, but at the time I did not have the least notion as to where to get a Christian Science practitioner; but I did not have any fear that I would not secure one. I called a soldier over to my bed and asked him if he would call a Christian Science practitioner for me. I told him to ask the telephone operator to connect him with some Christian Science practitioner, and then to impart the information I had given him. In half an hour he came back and told me he had been successful in securing a practitioner who lived in a small town about fifteen miles from camp. I slept that night, and the next morning I was strong enough to walk five miles and pass the scrutinizing eyes of the inspectors while going up the gangway to the boat. In a few days my healing was complete; and during my trip of fourteen days I was not seasick, although we went through a very severe storm lasting three days. I was in France sixteen months, and during that time this truth guided, sustained, protected, and healed me of various diseases. When I could not secure the help of a practitioner, I was always able to meet the problem myself.

         Besides the above healings, I have been healed of blood disease, ulcerated tooth, a badly sprained ankle in one treatment, pyorrhea, influenza, colds, and headaches. Moreover, I have been helped in a business way, and have overcome many faults of temperament and character. I have been healed of the desire to gamble, and of the cigarette habit to which I had been addicted for over ten years.

         For the above blessings I am grateful; and I am also grateful for the periodicals, for class instruction, and to Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

Vernon D. Le Roy
Streator, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, November 3, 1928

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