Christian Science Testimony

         If I should mention all the blessings which Christian Science has brought to me during the comparatively short time since Christian Science found me, it would take more time and space than I have a right to; but I should like to relate, as briefly as possible, some cases of physical healing which I have experienced.

         Recently I had an attack of influenza. I knew the symptoms very well, because a few years ago I was kept in bed and under medical treatment over six weeks with the same disease. I did my best to check this new attack, but did not succeed; and through four days and nights it grew worse and worse. On the morning of the fourth day I felt so ill that I was about to ask my wife to telephone for help to a dear Christian Science friend who is a practitioner. However, I managed to get up and to go out; but the pain grew so bad that I had to return home. My wife, who saw how I suffered, desired to send a message to our friend; but before she did this I once more took up "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I opened this wonderful book at page 390, and my eyes caught this passage: "When the first symptoms of disease appear, dispute the testimony of the material senses with divine Science;" and this immediately set me thinking. I continued to read; and in less than an hour my eyes and nose stopped running; all pain left me; the chills and fever ceased; I was healed. I felt hungry, enjoyed a meal, went early to bed; and the next morning, Sunday, I walked the two and a half miles to church and home again, without the slightest trace of influenza, or even fatigue. Truth had gained the victory, and God had again blessed me!

         Still more wonderful is an experience I have had with my right arm. About thirty-three years ago I met with a serious accident, and my right elbow was fractured and my right shoulder hurt. As the accident occurred on a plantation in the jungle of Sumatra, I did not get any medical help until the evening of the next day. To make the story short, I underwent six operations, with the result that I had to give up my position and go home to Denmark with an almost stiff and useless arm. During the first year of my stay at home I had several minor operations on the elbow, and finally consented to a major operation, which, according to the expert surgeons, would result either in an improvement or in the total loss of my arm. The operation turned out better than was expected. After long and painful treatment I could again use my right hand and move the arm partially; but there was a running wound on the elbow, and the arm was three and a half inches shorter than my left arm. I never had the strength to lift anything with it, and always had difficulty in dressing myself; I always wore a bandage, and from time to time — especially in cold and damp weather — suffered much pain, and often had to get medical help. As time passed, I grew accustomed to all this, and thought it could never be otherwise. Three years ago, while I was in New York, my arm was in a very bad condition, and a physician, whom I consulted, advised me to see a prominent surgeon and have another operation performed.

         However, I did not follow this advice; and when Christian Science found me, and I began to get the understanding of omnipotent divine Love and Truth, — of God, good, — I reversed my old belief, and tried to work out the problem from the point of view of Christian Science. The result is that the running wound is healed; my arm has regained its normal length; the muscles have developed; and I enjoy full power and mobility, and never have any pain. The disfiguring scars caused by the many operations and cuts are gradually disappearing.

         When I add to this that the study of Christian Science has brought me a peace and a joy which I did not know before, and that my over forty-years-old habit of using tobacco and drinking whisky and other liquors is entirely overcome, everybody will understand that I am filled with gratitude to God Almighty for Christian Science and to our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. My hope is that I may develop in the understanding of her divine teachings to such an extent that I shall be able to give to others some of all the riches which have been bestowed upon me.

Julius Lassen
London, England


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 4, 1924

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