Christian Science Testimony

         The benefits I have received through Christian Science within the last fifteen years have been so many that I must express my gratitude to God for them. The truth that Jesus said would make us free was revealed to me while suffering from a complication of diseases which the best physicians in this city failed to heal. I had been treated at several sanitariums, and after staying twelve weeks at the last one, was advised to go home, as there was no improvement in my condition. No one thought I would ever be able to return to my business again. Christian Science was then brought to my attention; I consulted a practitioner, treatment was begun at once, and I was most wonderfully healed. The healing was slow, but sure; my whole outlook on life became changed from a state of despair and fear of the present and the future. I began to manifest more courage and more poise, and finally became healthy, strong, and happy. I gained in height and was morally as well as physically regenerated.

         Since that time I have experienced several instantaneous healings from acute diseases. By close and persistent study of the Bible in the light that "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy throws upon it, I have been able to overcome for myself mental and physical discords and the results of accidents in quick order, and also have been able to reflect a little light into the consciousness of others, for which I am most grateful.

         One morning on my way to business, in changing [streetcars] at the Public Square, I found the car rather warm and the windows closed. I tried to open a window, but it was stuck fast. I then pushed with all my might, and it finally gave way, but the two middle fingers of my left hand were caught between the sash and the lower ledge, jamming them in so that I could not remove them. I suffered excruciating pain, but finally succeeded in forcing the sash up and releasing my fingers. The pain was so intense that I became almost bewildered and my first thought was to jump off the car and return home, but I began to declare the truth, that "all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all" (Science and Health, p. 168). When this became a concrete quality in my consciousness the pain ceased and I went on my way rejoicing. On reaching my place of business I did my work as usual and felt very little inconvenience. The suggestion presented itself that I would lose my finger nails, but I at once denied the material law that governs the results of accidents according to belief, and knew its powerlessness in the face of the omnipotent law of God, good. The discoloration gradually disappeared, and the nails are as perfect as they were before the accident.

         This has again shown me that truth practised as taught in Christian Science is a very present help in every human need. I thank God, who gave us one in this age so spiritually minded as to perceive this truth, and who labored so lovingly, unselfishly, and unceasingly to give it to the world.

George D. Koch
Cleveland, Ohio


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1916

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