Christian Science Testimony

         I wish to express my gratitude for the many blessings which I have received through Christian Science. I had the privilege of attending the Sunday school for a number of years and receiving the loving instruction given there. Later I became a member of a branch church.

         Recently I had a most convincing experience which absolutely proved God's allness and protecting power. All through my school career I had had proofs of Love's rule, but not until I was away from home and from all my friends and the church did I truly find that God is all of these and more; also that I was never for a minute really away from any of the above-mentioned influences. The situation concerning influenza became very trying in the place where I am residing. I was at the time seemingly surrounded by opposing forces. One Sunday the belief of a severe cold manifested itself. I did protective mental work, but on Friday error seemed to have the field. That night I again worked mentally and then retired. The next morning I seemed to be hopelessly involved. My thoughts were far from clear and I asked a friend to send word to a practitioner for help; after which the fear which was so intense lessened and I felt the peace that only Science can give.

         Just then a knock was heard at the door, and there stood the quarantine officers, prepared to take me to an isolation hospital. I assured them that I was all right, but they insisted that I call a doctor. To quiet the fears of those around and to silence the thought of contagion, I had the doctor called. He examined me and noted a high fever and other symptoms, but said that he could not tell the difference between a bad cold and influenza in the early stages. I knew that error was completely destroyed and told him I was having Christian Science help. He said, "Yes, I know you do not need my assistance and that God will care for you, but for the protection of those who know nothing of this Science I must quarantine you for at least three days to be sure that it is not a case of influenza." In an hour and a half from the time I sent for help, I was up and dressed. My friend thought I was delirious, but I told her that just such quick healing is to be expected in Christian Science. The healing was practically instantaneous, and I am indeed grateful to know how very near God is. Once again I express my gratitude to the all-powerful God and to our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

Beatrice Kincaid
Rigby, Idaho


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, August, 1920

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