Christian Science Testimony

         I wish to express my gratitude for my healing from the effects of an automobile accident. On turning a curve in the road the car skidded into a telephone pole, throwing me out into a ditch. I was unable to move, so friends called for an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. X-ray pictures were taken to locate the injury. It was found that the socket of the thigh bone had been shattered and the bone forced through the pelvic bone, breaking it in four places. The hip was also broken.

         To mortal sense it was a very severe accident. I was placed in a cast, and forty pounds of weight were attached to the injured leg. The next day I called a Christian Science practitioner, as the verdict of the doctors was that I would be crippled for life and probably never able to walk again. Hypodermic injections were used to make me sleep, but after Christian Science treatment was begun these were not necessary. I suffered no pain, and there were no signs of inflammation. I ate and slept well, and was bright and cheerful during the six weeks I was in the hospital. The accident occurred on May 21, and the doctors told me I would not be able to be up until the first of the following January; but four months before that time I resumed my position as dental nurse and feel better than before the accident. I have suffered no ill effects, and walk perfectly. My recovery was nothing short of miraculous to everyone who knew of my case.

         I am thankful to know that the truth heals even though human knowledge affirms the case to be fatal. It is with a grateful heart that I send this testimony.

Frances E. Kimmell
Los Angeles, California

         The above testimony written by my daughter I can fully corroborate; it has been a wonderful help to us all and I hope it may be to others. Since I became interested in Christian Science I have had many convincing proofs of the healing power of Truth. I had only read Science and Health about three weeks when I was healed of neuralgia and bowel trouble of long standing. I did not understand much of what I was reading, so my healing proved our Leader's statement on page 152 of Science and Health, "Truth has a healing effect, even when not fully understood." Since then many instantaneous healings have been experienced. In one instance a so-called cystic tumor disappeared overnight after applying the truth as taught in Christian Science. I have also been healed of influenza and typhoid fever, the latter in one treatment from a practitioner. Many other ailments have been overcome through knowing the truth. My thankfulness is indeed great.

Gertrude K. Johnson


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, August 24, 1918

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