Christian Science Testimony

         For twenty years before this blessed truth found me I had searched for remedies, and had tried everything that offered any hope of relief from the bondage of sickness, which would manifest itself in various forms. During a period of about three years I tried twelve doctors in Chicago. These doctors failed to relieve me, and I had almost reached the point of desperation. I could not work more than two or three hours a day, and sometimes would be compelled to stay home for three or four days at a time on account of sickness.

         The doctor in charge of the medical department where I was employed ordered me to report for an examination. He followed my case for about a month, then ordered an X-ray picture to be taken. This photograph revealed a very bad case of so-called incurable tuberculosis of the lungs. As a result of this discovery, I was placed on the sick list and not allowed to work. The doctor said the best thing for me to do was to go West. But how could I go? I was like the woman in the Bible who had spent all her substance on doctors and was none bettered. The only thing I could do was to accept his next best advice, which was to rest and have plenty of fresh air. This I did for about three months; but at the end of that period I could not walk one block without giving out.

         Fortunately, however, in the meantime we moved, and were located in a building where some Christian Scientists lived. These people, seeing my condition, asked me if I would care to read some literature on Christian Science; and when I expressed my willingness to do so, they lent me a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel. In this Sentinel I read the testimony of a man who was healed of the same trouble I had. This started me on the road from sense to Soul; and in about six weeks I was back at my old job, much to the surprise of the doctor. In about a year after the first X-ray picture was taken, another was taken. The last picture revealed no activity of the trouble whatever; and the same doctor the one in charge of the medical department where I was working said, "I will take my hat off to you, it's the most remarkable healing I ever witnessed." Of course, I had many battles to fight before the complete healing came; but every battle fought brought me nearer to the realization of the blessed truth that makes free.

         Since coming into Christian Science, I can truthfully say that I am better morally, spiritually, physically, and financially than ever before, and that Christian Science was my only help in bringing about this change. Is it any wonder I am grateful for Christian Science? My vocabulary is not sufficient to express my gratitude for the blessings which I have received through the Christian Science literature, help from faithful practitioners, the privilege of class instruction, and the unfoldment of the blessed truth, the allness of Spirit. Jesus once said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." That truth is revealed through the teachings and practice of Christian Science.

         I sincerely thank God for giving us Mary Baker Eddy, who labored so unceasingly to show us the road leading from sense to Soul.

Noah V. Johnson
Chicago, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, July, 1924

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