Christian Science Testimony

         During the summer of 1917 I was taking a pistol apart, when it discharged and the bullet entered my right hand at the base of the middle finger, passing entirely through. I at once declared the truth and washed the blood from the wound. A Christian Science practitioner was then summoned, who declared that the healing work was already done. The bleeding had stopped. That evening I filled my position as usher and on Monday went to work as usual, the third day after that having full use of the hand. The knuckle of the third finger had apparently been put out of place and protruded from the wound on the back of the hand, but today there is no sign of injury except a small scar. There was absolutely no pain at any time.

         For this healing and many other blessings I am truly grateful, and I thank God that to Mrs. Eddy was given the privilege of revealing to a waiting world this healing power of Truth.

George P. Johannes, Jr.
St. Louis, Missouri


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, April, 1920

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