Christian Science Testimony

         It is thirteen years since Christian Science found me in my extremity. From earliest childhood my life was singularly unhappy and unfortunate. According to the medical profession I had inherited a nasal trouble which prevented me from breathing through my nose, and in addition subjected me to frequent colds and bronchial catarrh. Operations were performed without success; rather were the symptoms thereby aggravated. Eventually a doctor prescribed a solution containing a considerable percentage of cocaine as a means of affording temporary relief, which I was told to use only on occasions of great distress. For two years I used this remedy, at first as prescribed, but the habit of resorting to and relying upon this drug for relief grew until the effect of the drug became noticeable to my relatives. Every effort was then made to induce me to break away from it, but without success. Each effort and condemnation served only to accentuate the craving.

         To counteract the effects of the drug, I was driven to stimulants in large quantities; and to obtain sleep I used veronal and morphia. For fourteen years this awful habit of drug taking held me. I could get no work; I lost all my friends; and I was a physical and moral wreck. The doctors who were called in pronounced my case hopeless. During all this torturing period I was struggling, and praying as earnestly as I knew how, that God would help me to overcome this cruel and relentless taskmaster. But no answer seemed vouchsafed, until finally the healing and saving power of Christian Science came to me. It is with an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I am able to testify to having now, and for several years, been healed of the drug and alcohol habits.

         During the many years I have been earnestly applying myself to the study of Christian Science I have had many demonstrable proofs of physical healing. Apart from being healed of the drug and drink habits, I have been healed of the nasal trouble above referred to, of deafness of nearly forty years' standing, hemorrhoids, and many other physical ailments, some minor, others more serious. I can testify that Christian Science has revealed to me the true God, "who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases."

         Before I was healed of the drug habit, a great deal of mental and moral healing took place; but from the first time I saw that Christian Science was the truth concerning God and man in His image and likeness, I was never despondent; on the contrary, I was certain of my complete and absolute final freedom and recovery. Thanks to our beloved Leader, whose textbook is a veritable "Key" to the Scriptures, the Bible became my most treasured possession, and its supply of counsel, correction, remedy, and strength for every occasion, requirement, and human need has always proved unfailing.

         Christian Science has taught me the meaning and application of the Commandments, which once seemed so impossible to understand or obey, but which today, when understood, reveal more and more of the illimitable love and goodness of God. I have learned also how to love my neighbor as myself in a greater degree than ever before . . .

Arthur Jocelyn
London, England


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, May 3, 1924

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