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         I have had many proofs of God's unfailing protection. I have testified of an instantaneous healing after a headlong plunge downstairs sufficient to break the neck. A hole was made in the wall where the head struck; yet, fifteen minutes after calling a practitioner, I sat at breakfast with the injured one, who was at the same time also healed instantaneously of rheumatism and stiffness, which had seemingly caused the fall. I have given written and spoken testimony of the healing of a severed finger with Christian Science treatment, so that today it would be impossible to detect which finger was injured.

         I am grateful for a healing from a severe attack of rheumatism, and have given testimony of what has been called by examining physicians a miraculous healing, by Christian Science absent treatment, from a severe and extreme case of blood poisoning and gangrene. I was up in three weeks; and after three months, walked in one day twenty-five miles; and after three years I passed a physical examination with the physician's comment, "You are in perfect physical condition."

         I have testified of the beautiful healing of the broken collar bone of my little two-year-old baby. Although his arm hung limp and unused at his side for five days, on the sixth day he came running and waving it high above his head. The healing is perfect, so perfect that it would be impossible to ascertain now which side was broken. Not a human hand assisted. No cast or bandage was used. The child lost not one moment of sleep or play; and after the first hour there was no pain.

         But I have yet greater proof of God's power to heal and protect, in a testimony substantiating lines 24-28 of page 122 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which read, "To material sense, the severance of the jugular vein takes away life; but to spiritual sense and in Science, Life goes on unchanged and being is eternal."

         In July, 1923, my eighteen-year-old son, who was employed at an office where broken automobile windshields were received for repairs while hastening to answer a telephone call, tripped and fell on some upstanding broken shields, striking the cutting edge of the broken glass with the side of the face and neck, inflicting a cut half the circumference of the neck, entirely severing several arteries and muscles, including the mastoid muscle and jugular vein. His earthly parents could not be reached immediately; but, as always, God was present; and a Christian Scientist who stopped irregularly at that office was passing on a streetcar, not intending to stop off, when he was led to fold up his Christian Science Monitor, get off the car after going five blocks beyond, and walk back, arriving at the place just after the accident occurred. He immediately called a Christian Science practitioner. Bleeding was profuse, but it instantly stopped, even before the boy was picked up to be taken to where the wounds were dressed, — all through the quick and powerful Word of God, the firm declaration that God is Life, that man is God's image and likeness, and that this Life and this man cannot be cut. When he was laid on the table, there was no bleeding; and not until the work of taking stitches was begun was the severed jugular vein discovered. The boy was conscious and conversing the entire two hours while one hundred and twenty-five stitches were taken, and only a local anesthetic used.

         The case was turned over to me five hours afterward, at which time I was informed that the wounds were dressed and the boy sleeping. I went on about my afternoon business in another city. Four hours later, with his mother, I went to read the Lesson-Sermon to him, and found him taking liquid food, talking, half reclining, comfortable, and fearless. That night he slept soundly, although an attentive nurse made visits to his bedside at fifteen-minute intervals pursuant to hospital instructions; also, his parents lost not a moment of sleep that night. The second day he was eating regular meals and sitting up; and the sixth day he was brought home in an open car. He stepped out at the curb alone and unassisted, walked to the house, and was enjoying his favorite pastime, canoeing, that evening, manipulating his canoe from rack to water and back, and paddling alone, as he afterward related. The healing is perfect. The boy resumed his work in a few weeks, and is as strong as ever, with no ill effects from the cut; and the scar is disappearing.

         With that profound gratitude of a human father for a son's life spared, and the unfailing, available method, I am trying to give this experience to all, with thanks to God for sending to us Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, and Mrs. Eddy, whose teaching enables us all to subdue the fear and have the faith to rely on and apply this proved healing truth.

Alexander George Hendel
Minneapolis, Minnesota

         The testimony given by my father concerning my severed jugular vein is true in every detail, and is exaggerated in no way whatsoever. It was a wonderful demonstration, without fear or doubt on the part of myself as to what was the governing and protecting power.

         Today I am perfectly well, in fact I have never had any ill effects from the accident whatsoever.

Alexander George Hendel, Jr


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1925

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