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         It is now over twenty-five years since my first healing in Christian Science. From birth I had never been well and strong. At last the trouble culminated in complete invalidism, one physician saying I never would be well. It was thought that an operation would be beneficial, but I was too weak to undergo it. While I was having electrical treatment to strengthen me for the operation, as I was not able to take any medicine, Christian Science was brought to my notice by a friend. She said she wished I would try her remedy. I replied that I would try anything. She then said that her only help was Christian Science.

         I do not know why I should have been opposed to Christian Science, as, to my knowledge, I had never heard the two words put together before; but I was immediately prejudiced, and said, "Oh, that must be faith cure, and I could not have any faith." My friend replied, "No, it is not faith cure: for I was healed, and I did not have any faith." I then said it must be spiritualism, and my mother would not allow me to have anything to do with spiritualism. She said: "It is not spiritualism, I am sure; for they never said anything about spiritualism to me. They will give you no medicine of any kind, nor lay hands on you. And if you are not benefited, you will surely be no worse off." She then said, "Try it for my sake."

         I thought that was logical; for if I were no better, I could certainly be no worse. So I consented to have help. I prefaced my remarks to the practitioner with the words that I wanted her to understand I had no faith in Christian Science. She very kindly said, "Faith is not required on your part, but on my part. But," she added, "I am not sure but that you have as much faith as a grain of mustard seed." When I thought how small a grain of mustard seed was, I conceded the point. The practitioner said that all that was required on my part was that I would be just as honest with Christian Science as I would be with a doctor, and use no medicine of any kind, either outwardly or inwardly.

         Now, while I understood perfectly well that the practitioner would give no medicine, I supposed that I would be allowed to take a certain remedy which I had taken for a great many years; and I told her I must take that — that I could not do without it. She lovingly assured me I did not need it; that I could be healed of all my ailments through Christian Science; that nothing was impossible with God; but I firmly insisted that I did need it, and could not do without it. She then said she could not take the case if I had any medicine whatsoever. I thought for a moment and decided I would try Christian Science for a few days. I would not die in that length of time without the remedy; and if I were no better I would stop the treatment. I was no better in a few days physically, I still had all the seeming illnesses; but mentally I felt born again; and in three weeks I was completely healed in every way.

         It is now over twenty-five years since I have used any medicinal means for healing. While I am deeply grateful for this physical regeneration, I am more grateful for the wonderful spiritual awakening that has enabled me somewhat to "put off the old man with his deeds; and . . . put on the new man," "which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness," as Paul tells us.

         While I was ill, my father went to stay with my brother. When I was healed in Christian Science I decided not to tell my father how I had been healed, as he was a confirmed infidel, being a great student of Robert Ingersoll and Tom Paine, and scoffed at all religion, saying he did not believe there was any God. He said to me once: "If there is a God, and I don't believe there is, He is a God of love. He would not punish us; it makes no difference what we do. It is our own sin that punishes us; but the moment we turn to Him, He will help us. But, of course, I don't believe in God."

         When father came home and found me well, he would say: ''You are so well! You never were so well in your life before, were you?" I would reply: "Yes, I am perfectly well. I never was so well before." But I would immediately get away, so that he could not ask me any more questions. But it seemed to puzzle my father to see me so well and happy; and one day he said, "I want you to tell me what healed you." I said, "If I do, you will only laugh; but I am well anyway." He said: ''That is so. You are well." I then told him it was Christian Science that had healed me. He threw back his head and laughed, saying, ''Faith cure, faith cure!"

         I could not argue with my father, as he was an adept at arguing about religion. I told him I did not understand Christian Science, but I had the textbook and he could read it for himself. He said, "All right," rubbing his hands as much as to say: "New worlds to conquer! Is there a book on religion I have not read?" He would read anything and everything of a religious nature, including the Bible, just to prove it was utter foolishness! I gave him the book, and heard not a word from him for several hours. Then he looked up and said: "You remember I told you that if there is a God He is a God of love. Why, that is just the kind of God this woman tells about." And when he spoke again he said, "When this woman gets through with what she has to say, she does not leave much room for a fellow to argue." It seemed to me as if wonders would never cease if my father found Christian Science so logical that he could not argue over it. Again he said, "This book has completely turned me over."

         So my father accepted the teachings of Christian Science as set forth in the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and was no longer an infidel. For this I am unspeakably grateful to God and to the dear, loving woman, Mrs. Eddy, who made it possible.

Alfa M. Hatch
Honolulu, Hawaii


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, September 25, 1926

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