Christian Science Testimony

         . . . I was afflicted with defective sight and defective hearing from birth, had worn glasses from childhood, but even with the aid of glasses at times it was difficult for me to see to read. The only help offered by the specialist whom we consulted for my hearing was artificial drums for the ears. As the result of an accident I had been unable to wear a shoe on my right foot for over a year. I had also been an invalid from a complication of diseases and was confined to my bed for three months, my last doctor saying an operation might help me but I never would be well. I was then persuaded to take Christian Science treatment, with the result that I was completely healed of all my troubles. I was strong and well; could walk for miles, a thing I had never been able to do when a child; could see without the aid of glasses; also my hearing was restored.

         My father, who was a confirmed infidel, an ardent admirer of Thomas Paine and Robert Ingersoll, having witnessed my complete restoration to health and being assured the healing was the result of Christian Science treatment, took the book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and after studying its pages for a while made this remark: "When this woman gets through with what she has to say, she doesn't leave much room for a fellow to argue." My father, who like most infidels found great delight in arguing on religion, now found all his questions and arguments logically and naturally answered, and this teaching of a God who is Love, who heals all our troubles, changed him from an infidel to a loving follower of Christ Jesus, taught him to love the Bible and to read it understandingly.

Mrs. Alfa M. Hatch
Honolulu, Hawaii



Excerpt from "The Lectures"
Christian Science Sentinel, April 12, 1919

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