Christian Science Testimony

         I feel that I must contribute my testimony of what Christian Science has done for me. Ten years ago I was taken violently ill with appendicitis, and though every attention from the most skilled physicians was given me, they felt I must go. I was not a Christian Scientist at the time, though much interested in Mrs. Eddy's teaching through the talk of a friend, who was then a practitioner in Los Angeles, California. I felt that this truth applied could save my life, so I asked a friend to write to this practitioner and request treatment, and this was done. Even when seemingly unconscious I held to the thought that God is All-in-all, and at the very hour in which treatment was being given me in that faraway city I was healed and told those around my bed that God had healed me. I have never had the least return of the trouble, but have had many other proofs of God's wonderful care and love. I am thankful to dear Mrs. Eddy, who has through her great love and patience been enabled to lead us into God's beautiful light.

Florence F. Harris
Memphis, Tennessee


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 8, 1917

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