Christian Science Testimony

         The truth taught in Christian Science, has been my all-sufficient guide for twenty-four years. During this time we have had many proofs of God's ever-presence and all-protecting care. The healing of our daughter who was struck down by an automobile eight years ago was a wonderful experience to us. The children were playing on roller skates and she was skating rapidly, with her head down to avoid the other children. She did not see or hear the approaching delivery truck which struck her on the head, shattering the glass over the lamps of the machine. Though she was not cut by the glass, she had a terrific fall, and immediately became unconscious. A neighbor who was passing as she was being carried into the house asked me if he should call a physician, saying he knew one who was a reliable diagnostician. The physician was called, and when he came we told him that we were Christian Scientists. He examined her, then turned to me and said: "There are no broken bones; but if she were my child I should rather have all her bones broken than to have her in this condition. While Christian Science may help in some cases, it cannot take care of this one, and you should send her to the hospital immediately, where an X-ray examination can be made. You owe it to the child, she is unconscious and cannot decide for herself; besides, you cannot care for her while in this condition." I replied, "No, but God can and will take care of her, and if you grant us a little time, we shall see." He consented. We paid him his fee and told him we would call and let him know if we needed further assistance.

         In the meantime I had called a loving Christian Science practitioner, who promptly said she would be with us in a short time. She came as the doctor was leaving, and worked faithfully until past midnight. At ten o'clock we were able to notify the physician that the child was resting quietly. He responded, "That is good; she has a chance to live." In the morning she knew us and called us by name. Later, when the practitioner came again, she was able to repeat the Lord's Prayer with her. I shall not mention all the ugly symptoms of this case. However, there are two that I feel should be spoken of. The head from the left temple across the top was soft, so that when she bent over, it would fall loosely over her forehead; and the left limb, from the hip down, was helpless. By the end of the first week she was able to retain her food and walk about the house. The healing was complete in three weeks. The accident occurred on the Tuesday before Easter, and she was able to return to school the second week after Easter, having lost only nine days of school.

         Words are inadequate to express our gratitude for this healing. We know that only by willing obedience to the teachings of the Bible and our Leader's writings can we show true appreciation for this comforting, healing truth.

         Sarah L. Hackenburg
Cleveland, Ohio


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 11, 1924

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