Christian Science Testimony

         In 1888, while Mrs. Eddy was in Chicago, one of her students asked me to hear her lecture, saying I would be healed of so-called fatal lung disease from which I was suffering; but I did not go. The result was that I spent twelve years in bondage to this trouble, and the mental and physical conditions caused much suffering.

         Then in January, 1900, I fell downstairs, sustaining internal injuries as well as injuring my spine. During the year which followed I was under the constant care of physicians. Operations were advised, but I would not consent to them, for on account of a weak heart and a frail body I felt I would not live through them. Several times a day I fainted from pain and every morning an attendant had to work over me, as my body would become numb during the night. I shook as though I had the palsy and to make matters worse my memory began to fail.

         One day a friend, a Christian Science practitioner, came to see me and said there was only one thing which would help me. I replied that I knew it, but I meant suicide and she meant Christian Science. When ready to leave she told me where she could be found in case I wanted her during the next half hour. A few moments after she left I was about to faint, and a young lady who was with me asked me to see this friend. Then it was as though a voice said to me, "You can try Christian Science, and if it does not help, you can try the other; but if you try the other, you cannot try Christian Science." Strength was given me to make my decision. I had lost my voice, so the young lady told the practitioner that I wanted treatment.

         The next two weeks were a blank to me. At the end of that time I believed I was dying, but after a few minutes of calm thinking I realized I did not have an ache or a pain. When I called the practitioner and told her this, she replied that she knew I was healed and was waiting for me to realize it. Some weeks passed before it dawned upon me that my lungs were also healed. Much doubt was expressed by some of my friends as to my complete recovery, so I took out an endowment policy in an insurance company. A year later another was taken out, proving that the physicians could not find a trace of the old trouble.

         During the many years of illness I had sought for a religion which would comfort and sustain me, and I had attended churches of all denominations, only to be convinced that they were not teaching the truth as Jesus taught it. When I accepted Christian Science for healing I also found the religion for which I was looking.

         I have had many other experiences of healing during the past sixteen years. Christian Science has comforted me in sorrow, shielded me from danger, protected me in accidents, supplied me in the hour of need. Is it any wonder that I am thankful to God for giving us our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, and grateful for her untiring and noble labor in making plain the path of Christ Jesus the Wayshower? Also for her wisdom in establishing the many avenues whereby we can gain more knowledge of this wonderful truth?

Ida Foedish
Chicago, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, January 12, 1918

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