Christian Science Testimony

         It is over two years since we first heard of Christian Science as a method of healing. Material means had been exhausted for our six months' old baby girl and we expected her to pass on at any time. When we called a Christian Science practitioner she had had whooping cough for four months and a triple rupture from six weeks of age. She had little flesh, and could digest no food. We commenced to study Christian Science, and the practitioner helped us for two weeks. During this time the baby gained an ounce a day in weight, and every day became better. At ten months she was a normal healthy child, and has continued so ever since.

         For this healing and many others we are very grateful; and above all for the knowledge of God's ever-presence and availability to mankind in every need; also to Mary Baker Eddy for discovering this truth and making it known to mankind.

Muriel Faunt
Aberdeen, South Dakota


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1924

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