Christian Science Testimony

         I was healed instantaneously of an internal organic trouble by one Christian Science treatment. The wonderful spirit of the practitioner impressed me, and the simplicity of her requirements, given in the words, "Trust God more," was sufficient to awaken me out of my long dream of continuous suffering. Truth flooded my consciousness, and I felt the assurance of God's willingness to arouse anyone who would turn to Him and "trust God more."

         A few years later my little dog apparently drank a solution of caustic potash. He was found some days later, and upon examination it was found that his tongue had entirely gone, and death seemed inevitable. My husband insisted that I should have the dog chloroformed, saying it would be a kindness to the little creature. I remembered the words, "Trust God more." Through absolute faith in God, I refused to permit the dog's life to be taken. Three times each day I bathed the dog's mouth with water, poured milk and oatmeal down his throat, repeated aloud to him "the scientific statement of being" from page 468 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, placed him tenderly on his bed, and left him in God's care without a bit of doubt. This treatment continued. During the time I was repeatedly told that I would fail, that I would realize I had insufficient understanding to demonstrate over such an extreme condition. Each time I realized God's power as being sufficient, provided I should not waver in faith, and that as Christian Science is the understanding of God, it could not fail. After a battle of several months, the dog's tongue grew again, and he barked, lapped his milk, and was completely restored to perfect health.

         For this healing and all the other blessings received I am deeply grateful, and am endeavoring to live a life of earnest, demonstrable gratitude. Christian Science has been my all for twenty-five years. I am grateful to God for revealing this truth through Jesus the Christ, and grateful that after his healing religion had apparently been lost, God again sent a messenger, namely, our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, to rediscover the Christ, Truth. Surely our God is a great God!

S. Gertrude Eyles
Miami, Florida


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 24, 1925

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