Christian Science Testimony

         In August, 1893, Christian Science came to me in an hour of dark despair. The sentence of death was hanging over me, "only a question of a few days," the doctor had said. I had four chronic ailments; lung, heart, and stomach trouble, besides a rupture that was very distressing. My sorrow when I thought of leaving my loved ones was great, and the uncertainty as to where I was going troubled me. In this extremity all the teachings I had received in the church of which I was a member seemed vague and unsatisfactory; there was a great longing to know more of God. Across the room lay the evening newspaper. My eyes caught the heading of an article which read, "By faith they see." I had it brought to me, and read it. It was only a half column, but what a revelation! It was the first I had read of Christian Science. It told a little of Mrs. Eddy's life and spoke of her teaching in regard to Mind and matter and the power of thought. My room seemed flooded with comfort and peace. I recognized in every line the truth that Jesus brought to the world. I began to improve from that hour, and for several weeks this little clipping from the newspaper was all of Christian Science I had. It helped me every time I read it. I had it nearly worn out when I found a friend who bought me a copy of Science and Health. I did not think of the healing of the body, for I was so delighted with the teaching. In Science and Health I found an answer to every puzzling question, and it cleared up all the mysteries of life and death.

         I found one morning that the rupture which had caused me so much suffering was healed. It was the first trouble to go. My healing was so gentle and complete that the old body simply gave place to a new one. The lungs that were supposed to be almost gone became strong; stomach trouble and heart disease, from which I had suffered since my childhood, were no more. In all my life I had not been able to eat what I desired, but now I began to eat everything. I studied the Bible and Science and Health until I was strong. Then the one desire of my life became to tell others the glad news and save them from suffering. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to God, and to dear Mrs. Eddy. In all the years since I was healed I have not had one whole day's sickness.

Alice S. Eubank
Denver, Colorado


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1909

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